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How to Attract Customers to Your Website: Researching Keywords

keyword research tips to rank faster. Plus a computer keyword and a cup of coffee.

As a business owner, it can be overwhelming to determine what to write about on your website.

Especially when it comes to keywords and finding your niche.

However, there are certain strategies you can implement to attract the right customers to your website.

Over the last few years, particularly with the help of my favorite tool, Surfer SEO, keyword research for SEO has become by superpower!

In this blog post, let's discuss the importance of keyword research and finding your niche on the search engines result pages.

I've got a real-life example of a business owner who found tremendous clarity through these strategies.

Keyword Research Low Hanging Fruit: Where Search Volume Data Intersects With Your Perfect Product

Knowledge Vomit shares her favorite way to show up in search results.

When it comes to targeting keywords, it's important to focus on low-hanging fruit.

These are keywords that are not overly competitive, yet still have a decent search volume.

For example, the business owner in our example found success by targeting the keyword cluster "lip gloss" and "glitter lip gloss," which, coincidentally, are her top-selling products.

By focusing on these keywords, they will be able to rank higher in search engine results. The end game: attract more customers to their website and make more sales.

Keyword Research Tools Can Help You Determine Your Most Profitable Niche

Woman looking at the artwork for the Simple and Smart SEO Show Podcast, where we talk about keyword research and monthly search volume.

 Another important strategy is finding your niche.

This means identifying a specific product or service that you specialize in AND marketing it to a specific audience.

For example, the business owner in our example could find success by targeting the "mommy and daughter" package for Christmas.

Designing a special experience around your best products maximize the momentum of your keyword research.

By targeting a specific audience, they can differentiate themselves from competitors on search engines.

They can position their products in a unique way and attract customers looking for a unique and thoughtful gift.

Analyze Keywords That Align With Your Best Selling (And Most Profitable) Product

write blogs that promote your best sellers (in this case study, it was lip gloss).

It's also important to identify your best-selling product and focus on marketing it to maximize profits.

For the business owner in our example, their lip glosses had the best profit margin and are easy to ship.

Of all of the opportunities we found through keyword research, they chose lip gloss for this weekend.

By focusing on the strengths you business currently has, and marketing them effectively, you will increase your profits as you attract more customers to their website.

Give the Search Engines What They Want

if you are already ranking for some keywords start there.

In addition, it's wise to track your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and adjust your strategies accordingly.

The business owner in our example found success by tracking their rankings for keywords like "sponge mom" and "cosmetics headband."

These keywords are additional content opportunities for the future.

By staying on top of your rankings, you can make informed decisions about which keywords to target.

Pro tip: if you are ranking in positions 1-3, leave your content alone. You're doing something right!

If you rank in positions 4-20, focus on optimizing for those keywords first.

Use A Keyword Research Tool To Get Ranking Faster

My favorite SEO Tool? Surfer SEO.

Targeting keywords and finding your niche are essential strategies for attracting customers to your website.

Keyword research tools like Surfer SEO, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, and UberSuggest will make the process faster

Keyword Research tools suggest relevant keywords that you may not think of yourself. This includes long tail keywords that are more bottom of funnel (and closer to the purchase of your product).

By focusing on low-hanging fruit, identifying your best-selling products, and marketing to a specific audience, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and maximize profits.

Remember to track your rankings on search engine results pages and adjust your strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

This video is the first in a series about the keyword research process I follow to find the best keywords for myself and my clients. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into using my favorite keyword tools.

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Transcript has not been fully edited for errors. It has lightly been edited for readability.

Crystal: you have a couple of specific keywords that you are up there for. And the number one keyword cluster that I would recommend that you go after just because it's a low hanging fruit is lip gloss. Okay. Like glitter lip gloss.

Client: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Those are like our two top selling products.

Crystal: My brain was going nuts. And that's why I call myself knowledge vomit because I'm so excited I have to rein myself back in here.

 You were ranking number 18 for something called sponge mom. Does that even resonate? Okay.

You were ranking 22 for cosmetics headband. Okay. Oh,

Client: Yeah, we sell a decent amount of those as well.

Crystal: What is like your perfect product? Your bestseller where you have the best profit margin.

Plus, it's an easy one to ship or fulfill.

Client: Definitely our lip glosses for sure. ​

Crystal: This is so cool. Just to keep this for later. Okay. Cause I got a vomit on you for a second. That could be a good ad targeted for the mommy and daughter package for Christmas, especially if you had some little cute thing, you could put it in like a pouch or something.

Client: We have these small little boxes that we put stuff in.

Crystal: Super cool. All right. Then it came glitter lip gloss.

You were ranking 35. Okay. I'm going to mark the cosmetics headband here though.

Because the search volume on average per month is 210 for the headband.

Okay. Now there's obviously probably fluctuations.

That means on average of the whole year.

What I was looking for is this nice little cross section of where you're ranking in the top 100.

When the search volumes high.

The search difficulty, like how hard it is to rank.

But the lip gloss stuff really fell in there. So, the glitter lip gloss is a search volume of 480.

At 36 and 37, you're ranking for holographic eye shadows. Oh, okay. Yep.

Client: We have those, too. Okay. We just actually added those a couple of months ago. So, I'm, surprised they're ranking.

Crystal: So that might be good to note. I'm just going to put that over here to the side. Because the search volume for that is 1000.

So that's one reason why I love keyword research.

To also inform huh, is this a opportunity? Does this make sense for us or whatever? So, all stuff for you to think about.

Then next up was more glitter lips gloss.

You ranked 44. And that's got a search volume of 3, 600.

That goes in our target there.

And then lip gloss with sparkles. Oh, Yeah, isn't that interesting? Yeah, that's funny. That's all us.

That's the other thing about SEO.

it shows you what people type in I don't know if you use that on your website or not.

So, lip gloss with sparkles. That has 1,300.

Then the next one was mom makeup. I know you had mentioned the mommy in me.

I'll put that here just to make a note.

You were ranking 52 for that 55 for makeup for mom.

Which also is just a variation of mom makeup. it still has a search volume of 1000.

Then you have a variation "glitter lip glosses." Okay. And that's got that same search volume of 3, 600.

Lip gloss sparkle. Lip gloss with glitter. Sparkly lip gloss.

Glitter for lips, it's slightly different.

And I didn't know if, because I know sometimes glitter is separate.

Client: Oh yeah, we don't have any glitter for lips.

But we do have glitter lip gloss.

Crystal: Then it comes up sparkly lip gloss.

And we're up to ranking number 74 now for this one.

Sparkly lip glosses. Variation of lip gloss with sparkles. Sparkly lip gloss, glitter lip.

Okay. And then lip gloss glitter. I almost feel like that glitter lip. Lip gloss, glitter, and glitter for lips.

All yeah, related, but maybe a sub segment or something.

And then glitter glosses.

Okay, which is great because it's at 880 a month. Oh, okay. 92 for that one. Okay.

I love lip gloss. I don't wear makeup. I'll wear it on special occasions. If I straighten my hair or something.

And then number 97, which was boss mom.

 Awesome. So what we are dealing here. Is five potential content clusters.

Okay. Okay. I'm going to share my screen with you. Okay.

Okay. I'll just demonstrate with this particular one.

Like this is an example for me. Like on our podcast, we were just talking about Google search console.

How content works on your website is it's no longer just about a single keyword.

It's about authority.

And this is where I would really want you to brainstorm both conversations that you've had and conversations that you could have.

Then we could transcribe and turn it into a blog post.

Instead of just like one page saying, we do lip gloss, it's if you can have multiple pages about lip gloss.

Maybe just a little bit of multimedia.

Even if you got on a Google meet like this with somebody and talk about. Just the advantages of your lip gloss over some others or like the clean elements of it versus other.

This also helps identify what you need to talk about if you're going to create some media. Because it gives you the keywords right here.

Okay. So anyway, the options here for you.

We could choose one of the top lip gloss keywords to build our content planner around. Or you could do holographic eye shadows, or you could do mom makeup.

Or you could do boss mom.

Not to overwhelm you. I think we should do one at a time. Gotcha. And I also want to do it for you.

But I'll show you how it's done. And you can decide for yourself like, okay.

Can I do this? Or would I like crystal to help me with this or do I get it? You know what? So, there's a couple different ways that we can go about this.

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