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Crystal Waddell loves helping though leaders maximize the amazing content they've already created  to grow their website traffic and influence.


Shopify store owners need:

  • Product listing optimization,
  • User experience optimization,
  • SEO meta titles & descriptions
  • Strategic content creation,
  • and a 24/7 promotion strategy.

Lucky you!

You found me, and I can show you how to build a Shopify store that outlasts any algorithm change and outsells your Etsy shop - without paid ads.

atlanta brand Photographer Michelle Davina from Michelle Davina Photography holding her camera.

β€œWorking with Crystal has been a game changer for me. Crystal has a passion for what she does. And she really pours into you with the information that she shares with you."

- Michelle McDowell, MichelleDavinaPhotography.com

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Every company, big and small, needs website SEO and authority-building content.

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