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SEO Coaching Package 4 Sessions [w/Crystal, Shopify Partner]

SEO Coaching Package 4 Sessions [w/Crystal, Shopify Partner]

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Welcome to my Shopify Partner SEO Coaching Package, a specially designed four-session program tailored for handmade sellers like you.

My approach is rooted in consultative selling. I don't believe in just pushing services; instead, I focus on understanding your unique needs and challenges.

I act as your advisor and coach, engaging in open dialogue, listening empathetically, and shaping strategies specifically for your business situation.

In our first of four strategy sessions, we'll delve into your business, analyzing your existing approach and discussing potential enhancements.

We then move on to a technical SEO audit in the second session, where I’ll analyze your Shopify store's current SEO performance and identify areas for improvement.

Next, we embark on a content strategy session (our third session). Here, we'll dissect your current content, brainstorm fresh ideas, and formulate a strategy that aligns with your brand and attracts your target audience.

In our fourth and final session, we'll conduct a UX (user experience) review of your site, ensuring it's user-friendly, efficient, and effective in converting visitors into customers.

With my Shopify Partner SEO Coaching Package, you're not simply purchasing a service, but investing in a partnership.

I'm committed to understanding your needs and providing tailored solutions that lead to your success. Join me, and let's elevate your handmade business together.

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