Expert In Your Pocket: Day of Voxer With Crystal Waddell

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Get the expert help you need with Crystal Waddell's "Expert in Your Pocket: Day of Voxer Offer"!

👋🏽 Crystal (me!) has years of experience as a Shopify partner, Pinterest expert, and ecommerce blogger.

I am here to provide you with guidance on any challenge you face as an entrepreneur.

With this offer, you'll have access to me via the walkie-talkie app Voxer for a minimum of 4 hours (half day) or a maximum of 9 hours (full day).

You can expect to hear back from me within 30-45 minutes from the time of each message.

Before your day of Voxer, you'll receive an email previewing what to expect and a form to identify what problem you'd like to troubleshoot.

Finally, you can begin your session by having a quick chat with me (also through Voxer) to set goals and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Get the real-time help, advice, and support you need today!