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The Best Etsy SEO Service to Get Found Online On Etsy!

The Best Etsy SEO Service to Get Found Online On Etsy!

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Worried that your Etsy shop isn't being found by shoppers?

 I offer a unique Etsy sellers unique Etsy SEO services that can help you out.

I'll do a full SEO audit of your shop and analyze your listings for Etsy search engine optimization.

What is Etsy SEO?

If you're wondering, "What is Etsy marketing and SEO?" you're in the right place.

I'll share my best Etsy listing SEO tips, which are very simple and straightforward: you must identify the words customers are using to search for products you sell in your Etsy shop.

This means long tail keywords in your shop title, product title, tags, and descriptions.

My Etsy SEO strategy maximizes Etsy's search function to recommend your store when people are looking for products like yours.

Repeat after me: Etsy store products need search engine optimization for Etsy and Google.

Etsy's sitewide SEO helps your shop show up in Google search results... if you use the right keywords.

Etsy SEO services

I'll ensure that your shop is Etsy's search engine friendly. 

Plus, you can trust my Etsy SEO tips based on 9+ years of Etsy success and $300,000+ in sales.

Then I'll give you a report with all of the action steps you need to take to improve your existing Etsy listings.

Other Etsy sellers will wonder how you are zooming past them to the top of the search results - without ads!

Working with my Etsy SEO company, you'll be able to rank higher in Etsy search results with my Etsy keyword research tips.

Use Etsy seo tools (built into the platform!) and show up in search engines like Google and get more traffic to your shop. Which means more potential sales for you!

Schedule your store’s Etsy SEO Audit service for only $299.

Take it a step further with an Etsy SWOT analysis for your Etsy store!


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