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Welcome to our UX Design Consulting page where we provide UX Strategy options for small businesses!

The ultimate goal of UX Design Services

The ultimate goal  of any wireframe, mockup, screen flow or low-fidelity prototype is to represent the user interface and design of a product or service as accurately as possible. 

This allows users to interact with the design and provide feedback in order to improve the overall experience. 

Additionally, these prototypes can help developers identify any potential problems with a product before it is released and address them before they become an issue. 

Ultimately, this helps ensure that the user experience is consistent, intuitive and enjoyable for all users.

Basic UX wireframe service

A basic wireframe service typically includes creating a two-dimensional mockup of a user interface that illustrates how the UI elements are intended to look and work together. 

Wireframes usually focus on visually laying out the page, as well as on structural relationships. 

They are generally created using basic shapes and placeholder text, so they do not provide much detail regarding color or typography, for example.

Wireframes can help designers quickly establish an interface structure that takes into account UX principles such as ergonomics, usability, accessibility, and readability.

UX Mockups & screen flows

Mockups & screen flows provide a more detailed representation of the user interface than wireframes. 

They usually include colors, fonts, and other design elements such as navigation menus and icons to give a better sense of how the UI will look and feel. 

Additionally, they also include interactive elements that allow users to click around in order to test out how a site or app would work. 

Screen flows help developers understand how an app's pages interact with each other by outlining different paths that the user can take through the interface. 

This helps designers think through all the possible user scenarios so that nothing is overlooked during development.

Generally, mockups & screen flows should cover as many user scenarios as possible, as this ensures that all potential use cases are considered and accounted for during development.

It is possible to create a mockup or screen flow without research, however it is not recommended. 

Doing research beforehand will help ensure that the user interface design meets the user's needs, as well as their expectations. 

Additionally, researching the target audience can provide valuable insight into potential user scenarios that should be considered and taken into account when creating the mockup or screen flow.

UX Low-fidelity prototypes

A low-fidelity prototype typically includes a basic version of the user interface design that is designed quickly and cheaply. 

These prototypes are often created using paper or whiteboard sketches, which are then digitized into digital mockups. 

This type of prototype allows for quick feedback from stakeholders, as well as a means to test ideas and concepts with users in order to identify any usability issues before development begins.