Best SEO Tools of Top Experts in 2023 - Free and Paid

Best SEO Tools of Top Experts in 2023 - Free and Paid

On today’s episode of the Simple and Smart SEO Show podcast, we discuss their favorite SEO tools for Google.

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Brittany’s top pick is UberSuggest, which she uses for keyword research and site audits.

Crystal loves Surfer SEO, which can help you with things like adding missing keywords and adding internal links, as well as giving you ideas for new content.

Brittany's second pick is the Keywords Everywhere extension to download keywords and export them.

Crystal's second pick is Ahrefs, which has a free version that lets you utilize some of its features (broken links and other errors) for one website.

Brittany also touches on how Google's "people also ask" and "related searches" sections can give you content ideas and different keyword phrasings to consider.

Crystal's final pick is the Content King App, which gives real-time feedback on your on-age SEO.

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These are just a few of our favorite SEO tools that we use to help our clients improve their visibility online.

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If you're looking to improve your website's SEO, be sure to check out these tools.

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And if you have any questions about SEO or need help getting started, feel free to reach out to us - we're always happy to help!

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Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO show. I'm Brittany Herzberg a copywriter for healthcare providers who loves industry and I'm Crystal Waddell, a Shopify seller with a heart for Pinterest 

We're business, besties and social media mavens who love learning and sharing what we've learned. 

This is the podcast that makes SEO simple and shows you how to create a smart SEO strategy that works for your business.

The Best SEO Tools For Small Business

What are we waiting for? Let's jump in. Okay. 

Today we are going to be diving into drumroll, everyone … Crystal, and my favorite SEO tools for Google. 

Crystal, are you ready for this? I am so ready for this. I am so ready for this too. 

Should we just dive in? No preamble, just go for it.

Yeah. Yeah. So I think we both came with three, so we'll share our three tips today and hopefully, you'll hear something that you really love or that makes sense to you and you can try it out today. 

So yeah, I say you go first, which, what do you have for us?

I was going to say, I feel like everyone's just going to be like, I want to go, we'll get all of them. 

And really you should! If you looked at my computer and my Chrome extensions, I have pretty much all of the ones that we're going to talk about today.

So yeah, you definitely don't have to limit yourself to no, not at all. I was going to say you do. I can see all of them. I have. Do you have to? All of them, I have most of them. 

I feel like you're always like a step ahead of me with the fun tools that you have.

And I'm such a tourist. I'm like, oh, I've got my four little things over here. I'm going to be happy with these guys. Yeah.

 If I don't have 50,000 tools at my disposal at all times, I'm not happy. 

So I don't know what that is. I don't know. It's good though. It works for you. I'm always learning stuff.


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Well, one of the things that you told me about, which I now am in love with, is UberSuggest, which is my top favorite tool.

 And one of the things I like the most about it is that there's a free option and there's a paid option. 

So even in the freebie that I created, which is called the one-stop SEO cheat sheet, I link out to it. 

And in there I tell people, Hey, you can do a free option or you can do a paid option. 

So, you know, if you've got someone that's helping you with your SEO, you would not need to get the paid version.

I think you could use your dollars elsewhere and just stick to the free version it's in the free version is the Google Chrome extension.

So I use that pretty much daily. 

What about you? Do you use that? 

I do, but I'm curious how you use it. 

So like when you use it, what does that look like? What do you do? 

I know I love using it, especially when I'm doing keyword research. 

5 Free or low cost SEO tools you should be using

I also like using the paid version for kind of seeing what's going on on someone's website, seeing what they're already ranking for, looking at the opportunities or looking at things that were like, oh, I'm ranking for this keyword. 

I really don't want to. So what do we want to move toward and away from those are the two top times I use it.

But especially with the keyword research. 

Well, one thing I like about it, and I don't know if you've done this, but like the content audit or not the content on a sort of like the site audit where it tells you what's wrong with your site. 

Is that what you're talking about? It's one of the things, yeah.

I feel like I've also looked at just what people are ranking for already. 

So if I'm coming into a brand new website, that's not helpful for me, but if I'm coming into a website that people want to update or add things or change things, then I can see, okay, this is what you're already ranking for. 

Do we like these things?

Yes. No? Okay. 

We're going to move toward this or away from that. 


SEO tips for beginners

You know what I'm thinking right now? And I don't know if it's possible, but I would really, I'd really love a quick walkthrough of that. 

Like where are you? Okay, awesome. 

Because I think I can envision what you're talking about, but because I use it for a little bit different purposes for my Shopify site, I'm like, this is really interesting. 

I want to know her process. So you think you could give us a quick overview? 

Yeah. As soon as this thing loads for me, like, I mean, like you're talking to them, both got the tabs open. All right.

So do you use a Google login or do you use an email login? 

I believe I'm not even entirely sure. I'm waiting for the thing to load so I can give you an answer, but I'm pretty sure that I have a regular login. Yes. 

I do have to say, I love the Google Chrome logins, even though we're not talking about that right now.

I log into almost everything with Google. 

So, you know, I've just embraced the fact that they know everything about me. 

I'm still hiding behind, maybe I can have some level of privacy. I know it's not a real thing.

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 It's okay. I need to just accept it. Yeah. 

When I log in on my dashboard, what I see is like a top SEO opportunity and it's marked as in beta, but it's really helped me because then I can look and see, you know, what some of the issues are. 

There are some keyword opportunities for my existing content, which I really like. And that's what I've really been focusing on. Like mainly just my onsite content and improving what I already have.

That's how I've used UberSuggest. 

I think there's a difference between how you use it. 

And I use it.

 I like using it so much for my client projects that I've not really focused on my own website, so I don't have that logged in as a project. Yeah. Okay. So give us just a quick, quick insight of what that looks like for you.

If you're logged in and following along, it's got a dashboard rank tracking all of that down to the keywords tab. 

You click on the keywords tab and then you click on keywords by traffic. 

And it's going to have you type in your domain, your website name, that's where I've been finding more of like what's going on currently. 

What's happening on someone's website currently.

So if you look at it, the keywords are listed and then you'll see the volume, the positions, what number are you showing up?

 If someone searches, how many visits that keyword gets and then how difficult it is for that keyword to rank. 

So when I'm looking at this for my clients or about the keywords, and I'm mostly paying attention to the position. 

I have some for myself where I'm number 10, number nine, eight. I have a lot that are more like fifties, forties, seventies, but I like focusing on the ones that are like the top, really the top 15, definitely the top 10. 

And seeing if the client likes ranking for that, or if they kind of want to move away from it.

In other words, do we want to double down on our efforts or do we want to kind of neglect that keyword so that it goes quietly into that dark night. 

I really, really loved that. 

And so, you know, I've seen this before, I've kind of played around with it just because I wanted to see ranking positions starting at one.

Like how many keywords are in the top 10 and then also like what, what keywords are out there that I'm not ranking for that I should be ranking for? 


Because for instance, I had this one client who created a particular thing. Right. Like she created it, she was the first one to sell it online and she wasn't ranking for the keyword,

that product isn't that crazy?

That's wild. That's sad. 

Yeah. So, yeah. Well, and that's what we've been focusing on. 

It's just like, okay, we're going to reclaim the rights to this thing and, get you in the top 10 for the very thing that you created. 

So it’s just incredible. Like you assume sometimes that you're going to rank for certain words, but then the reality is for some reason you're not. 

And so that's a great place to start. Just understanding where you're already falling. 

Yeah. And here's a fun one. I am number 17 for Instagram famous massage therapist.

That's hilarious. 

That makes me laugh so hard. 

That's so awesome. 

Okay. I want to look really quick and like what position I am. 

I've got lots in the top 10 and the top 15, but you know, the top 10 is really what matters because they say the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google because nobody clicks through, right? 

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Yes. So, but there are some things like senior night for soccer, you know, for some reason I'm not ranking in anywhere near the top 10 for that I'm ranking as number 97. 

So that is an issue. And then a wooden name cutouts for nursery. 

That's not as important, you know, because it's not to do with graduation and stuff, but that's another one that I'm surprised about. 

I'm like, wow, I barely made the top 100. I did make the top 100 for cookie cake ideas for graduation. 

Well, that's interesting. 

It's really interesting. 

I do click on that one. Yeah. Okay. 

So yeah, that's a good question. So once you find a keyword that you want to play with in Ubersuggest, what happens when you click on it?

I don't know. 

Well, that's fine though. Are you talking about like the little box with the up arrow?

Well, I guess I wasn't, I was talking mainly about that keyword itself, but I was trying to get to like say at one that's number 11 for me that I would want to rank for in the top 10, something that's close to the top 10, like 36 inch letters, I'm in position 11. 

I would love to be in the top 10 for that. 

So I guess if I click on it, yeah. It shows you a little bit more about that word. 

Here's the thing with Ubersuggest, there's so much, and I'm constantly learning more things to take advantage of or things that I just didn't even realize existed in there.

So it can feel a little overwhelming to people, but there's so much good stuff in here.

 And if you get on Neil Patel's email list, which I highly recommend, he usually has like snippets every week of just like a tiny task. 

And he makes the email super short and it usually clicks out to a video. 

I mean, the guy is brilliant when it comes to SEO.

Well, and what I love about SEO tools and this in particular is it gives you more ideas, you know? 

So there's actually something called keyword ideas. 

Once you click on a word and it just shows you some related terms and variations, because again, it's all about what people are actually searching for.

And then it also shows you that thing called SD, which is Searchie difficulty, right. 

Or SEO difficulty. Yeah. So if you get a green, you know, that's a keyword that you have potential to rank for, yellow, it's harder to rank for. 

And red is kind of like what you might want to spend your time somewhere else. Right?

Exactly. Just ignore that, that one sitting there. 


But I mean, this is really great when people are struggling to understand that. How we think of it as business owners and it being like the term or the phrase or the service that we offer, whatever it is our clients are thinking of it differently.


They're going to have some different words to explain what it is. 

So this is just amazing because it shows you what other people are typing or what they might call it or what they're searching for that it could relate to. 


So I'm searching through here and I did want to say, I think, I don't know if you have the free version or the paid version, if you have to link or if you have to have the paid version to link your Google search console, but, you know, connecting those really gives you a lot of information. 

Because before, when my site was connected, I had a project where I was really focusing on certain things and I'm not sure if it's still there or not, but I do have the paid version. 

So do you have any idea about that? I don't know. 

I would have to look into it, but you know, in the thread of thinking of how to use this, I would definitely, before you do anything else, pop your website in here, see what you're already ranking for before you decide how you're going to approach your SEO strategy.

I think that's the best way to use this thing. 

And if you're able to connect or Google search console, I can't talk today. If you're going to connect that, if you're able to, then that just makes it that much beefier. 


And actually I do have my projects here, so great. 

So that's good. Yeah. 

But I think that that's really helpful advice. 

Like where to start, you know, because like you said, you get in here, it's really overwhelming. 

You say the first place to start is just to put your website in and see where you're ranking. Yeah. 

Which again was keywords and then keywords by traffic and entered your website. All right. We have spent a lot of time on Ubersuggest.

So, I mean, I don't want to hog all of our time. What's your favorite tool? 

Okay. Well, my favorite tool is something called SurferSEO, and I am a very proud affiliate of Surfer. 

It's a tool that kind of aligns with Jasper. And if you've never heard of Jasper, Jasper's an AI copywriting assistant. 

And so the two tools work really well together because Jasper will help you with your writing, but surfer will take you beyond the keywords and actually show you how many keywords you need, and where you need to place them.

 Like there's different elements on a page called an H one and H two and age three. 

And so, you know, SurferSEO lets you know like, Hey, this is where your keywords need to go.

In order for you to rank, this is how long your article needs to be in order for your article to rank, this is how many images you should have and all of those types of things. 

So, you know, I just love using SurferSEO and I've used it to write for myself and for clients and it's just helped me understand SEO and content and how it  connects the internet to the end user. 

It's just helped me understand all of that so much better. That sounds like a really cool tool.

I have goals one day to use this for right now. I just have the, I think it's keyword surfer extension, which I love. I definitely love it. 

And I find that it's really, really helpful for content like you were talking about.

But since we walked through one exercise with Uber suggest, do you want to maybe walk through something with SurferSEO? Sure. 

Well, the great thing about Surfer is they're constantly innovating. 

You know, I think that's a great thing about SEO tools.

I think Ubersuggest probably continues to innovate as well, but SurferSEO is just constantly trying to figure out how it can be better.

And recently they released their own AI writing assistant, which I thought was really interesting. 

But then they also released this program within surfer called Grow Flow. And what I love about Grow Flow is that every week they give you tasks that you can do in order to make your website better. 

Oh, I love that. That sounds like bite size little action items.

Exactly. Oh my domain authority is  that? Yeah. 

And for crazy people like me, I'm like, what could I get done? 

What's everything I need to get done? 

You know, sometimes I can  forget to completely finish one thing before I move on to the next one. SurferSEO will give you your tasks and they won't actually give you new tasks for another week, whether you complete the task or not. 

But it just gives you that freedom and the permission to take your time and really not stress about it. 

So some of the tasks that they gave me in the previous week was to add missing keywords to certain pages. They also told me where to add internal links to connect those pages.

It showed a content gap where I could write content like a blog about a certain thing. 

And in this particular case it was wooden craft letters. 

And so once I wrote the blog, then they gave me more links to add, to link to my other products. 

They gave a lesson on how to add internal links and a lot of people talk about, you know, link building in terms of linking to outside sites.

But one of the things that you can do that will have the most impact and that you can control is internal linking. 

So that is just so key. And then they also gave me two lessons on how to write and publish an article and how to add the missing keywords. 

So in addition, they also gave me lessons that were specific to those tasks. 

I am drooling over this. This is so cool. 


So yeah, I mean, and this is just the latest feature, you know, it's not even all of the features and not even the feature that I use the most because obviously it just came out and you can't do it every day.

You do your tasks and then you have to wait a week. 

But yeah, these are the types of innovations that are going to help small businesses compete online. 


What are a couple other things that you can do with SurferSEO? Okay. 

So there's also something called a content planner, which I love, because let's say that, let's say that you don't really know what you want to write about on your website. 

You could actually just put your domain in and the content planner will actually give you ideas on what to write and also give you a zero to 100 SEO score for everything you already have on your site. 

So, you know how Ubersuggest that you should start with keywords? 

One thing I think with surfer that would really be good to start with an audit of your own site and tweak what you already have created. 


 I think that's an overlooked opportunity a lot of times. 

So I wholeheartedly agree with you. Yeah. A

nd so it's like over the years, people will create so much for their website, but maybe they didn't understand SEO. So they didn't understand that they needed to have an H1.

They didn't know they had an H2 and Surfer will let you go into that previous project, that previous article or blog or whatever it is and update it and get it to where it's SEO friendly. 

So, I just love that because again, you're working towards a goal. 

You have a strategy here versus “I sure hope this shows up on Google somewhere.”

It's like, no, you actually have the tools that you need to write content that ranks. 

Yeah. Oh, I love it. That looks so cool. 


And the last thing I would say about this and SurferSEO in general is because when you're doing client work for SEO or content, sometimes it's difficult to really quantify the deliverables that you're doing for a client and tools like this really help.

Because again, you can compile this list, sit down with the client and say, okay, what really are our priorities here? 

What would you like done? And you know, you give them some options in terms of what deliverables they want and then you deliver that thing, but it makes it really clear to say, okay, we're going to update this article because it's only got a 32 SEO ranking. 

We want to get it up to a 70 or higher. 

And we'll also do this in this article. You know what I mean? 

So it's very specific and easily quantifiable. 

Yeah. I mean, that's helpful, especially when you're starting out and just beginning to look at all of this stuff.

Yeah. So, okay. So I just love SurferSEO

I mean, we can totally do an episode on each one of these tools and maybe we could dive into that at a later point, but I'll kick it back to you. 

So you said Ubersuggest was your first favorite Google tool or maybe not in that order, but what's your number two? The second pick is going to be a little bit of a faster overview one.

So if you have ever heard of, or used Keywords Everywhere.It's another Google Chrome extension that you can, and I would suggest actually paying for this one.

I believe it was like $10 for, I don't know, a thousand search credits or something like that.

I'm trying to pull that up right now, but yeah, $10 for a hundred thousand search credits.

So you install the Keywords Everywhere, Google Chrome extension, you do a search and it'll give you the option from that point, if you want to go ahead and pay for credits. 

So what the credits allow you to do is actually you can download, you can click the individual keywords that show up under the keywords everywhere extension, and you can click the ones that you want to save and then you can actually export them.

So I find that to be really helpful if you don't want to do the painstaking work of typing everything out in a Google sheet, for example.

 So I just find that this can be a fantastic tool for anyone when you're doing keyword research. 

It is a great companion in my mind to Ubersuggest because there are some things that I'll find with Keywords Everywhere that Ubersuggest may have not mentioned, or vice versa.

It gives me a long tail keyword, a longer key phrase versus a short one that shows up with Ubersuggest. 

So I just love it. And I highly highly recommend paying 10 bucks. 

I mean, you never really use the a hundred thousand credits, so it's great.

Is this something that you've worked with?

Yes. And I agree, and I just love how straightforward the platform is. 

You know, it's like $10, a hundred thousand credits. It just doesn't feel like somebody's getting over on you. Y

ou know what I mean? It's like, you're paying straight up and even if you spend $50, you get 500,000 credits, you know? 

So, there's something about that transparency and consistency that I l have to mention. 

It seems like they last forever because one credit is one keyword. I mean, yeah. 

And I don't just do keyword research for myself. I do it for clients just like yourself and you know, those credits last a long time.

They last for such a long time. I mean, $10 is not a huge investment. 

And really like, you can do the $10 option. I don't think I've come close to using a hundred thousand credits. 

I don't even, I'm going to try to log in to see if I actually like, can find a number, but yeah. I mean yeah. I love Keywords Everywhere. And I have the Ubersuggest extension on my Chrome and I have Keywords Everywhere and they  kind of populate on the right side of your screen when you do a Google search. 

So it's like, you can kind of go through Uber suggest and then,, if you don't find enough or you just want to see, you know, what keywords everywhere has, it's right underneath of it. 

So it's not like you have to go to multiple websites. It's right there on your screen while you're doing a Google search. 

Exactly. I mean, it's just, it's just so easy. And like you said,so straight forward. 

I find that this is a really great tool for people who are really quite new to SEO. 

I think it's just such an easy thing to navigate and easy, you can understand the cost, you can understand the results when they show up. 

It's just, I love it. So it was definitely a great way to kind of get your feet wet with keyword research, right? 

Yes. Wholeheartedly agree. 

And that's what I mean for me. That's- 

Go ahead. I'm sorry. 

I was just going to say for me, that's just kind of like,  it's going to be fast. 

There's going to be a quicker one. It's just, boom. There you go. Awesome. What about you? 

Okay, so let's move on to the next tool on your list.

 What do we get? 


So the next one that I have is Ahrefs and Ahrefs is spelled 

Yes. I used to, I don't know what I used to say now. I noticed Ahrefs, but I was always like, I don't know this thing. Yeah. 

So Ahrefs is an amazing, amazing platform. 

And the great thing is there is a free version for one website. 

So if you only have your website to look at, you can utilize a lot of the tools that Ahrefs has to offer without paying the $100 a month. 

Because, you know, once you are starting to use this for SEO, for clients, different things like that, you would probably want to upgrade to a hundred dollars a month version. 

But when you're just, you know, checking it out for your own website, you can utilize a lot of the tools for free. 

So that's really great. 

And some of those tools include your health score. 

So there's a number between zero and 100 that Ubersuggests or Ahrefs will give you to let you know the overall site health of your website.

And they kind of give you that score based on, you know, whether or not you have broken links, whether or not you have, you know, all tags and meta descriptions and all those big, fancy SEO words. 

So you want to definitely get that in the green as close to 100 as possible. And then they also give you what's called a domain rating.

And your domain rating is basically the score that Google gives you. 

It's also between zero and 100 and the higher, the number, the better, but that's a good number to watch as you're making little changes to your website and improving your SEO because as you make those changes in those improvements, your domain rating or DR should go up as well. 

Ahrefs also lets you know how many people are linking to you, they call that referring domains. 

And so you can see how many domains are referring to you, but you can also see kind of the trend.

 Like it gives you a graph to show you, you know, over time, how many domains are linking to you are referring to you. And then they also have back links which are actually clickable links that people are linking to your pages. 

And then the last two things are organic traffic and organic keywords. So it tells you how much your organic traffic is worth. On Google you can do something called pay per click or PPC advertising. 

And so what it's telling you is if you paid per click for these keywords, this is how much you would have to pay for it. 

And so it gives you how much organic traffic you've got, what the actual value of that traffic is. 

And then it shows you how many organic keywords you're ranking for and whether or not that number has gone up or down. 

So did I explain that? Right?

 kind of went through it kind of quick, but no, that was good. 

I mean there's again, it's another one that there's a lot of stuff packed into and I did want to mention one of the free tools that I love using with Ahrefs is the keyword rank checker.

So the way you use it, you type in a keyword and then you type in a domain and you click check, check rankings, and it shows you where you're showing up for a certain keyword. 

Like I just did a little test with mine and I typed in healthcare copywriter and then my website, which is Brittany Herzberg dot com.

And I am showing up not as high as I want to: I'm number 59 right now.

But I think I was like number 90 something when I checked this maybe a couple months ago. 

So that's another, like you were just saying Crystal, it's a great way to see, to track the progress of how you're doing or if there's a keyword that you really want to show up for, how are you doing?

Where are we starting? And then where are we going from there? 

Yeah. I love that. So, you know, that could be kind of like a bonus thing and you know, we'll drop all of these links in the show notes for sure. 

And I have, I have a funny stat for you because I can't remember where I used to be, but I know that I was at least ranked in like the number of websites that there are three months ago. 

I was ranked in the top like 35 million websites. Oh my gosh. 

And since then I've improved to the top 7 million. 

So just making little changes can really make a difference. And it sounds like such a ridiculously high number, but you know, that's encouraging when you see your site ranking move up. 

So I just wanted to share that. Yeah. That's so amazing. I love these tools because they are so cool. 

So that was at your third one or was that a bonus one?

 I have not done the third one yet, which is going to blow everyone's minds. Okay. 

Are you ready for our minds and use Google?

There is so much stuff just when you do a regular Google search. All right. 

So I'm going to quickly walk us through this. So I typed in a keyword, I just typed in copywriter just for kicks. 

I'm going to scroll down the page. 

You've got like the ads that show up first. And then you end up in this magical section called people also ask.

So we've been talking a lot about content creation and the different SEO paid tools that we use to create content. 

The people also ask this section can … it's such a gold mine of content ideas. 

So if you have a shoestring or non-existent budget for SEO, use this, go in here, you're going to see questions that people are also asking, hence the name.

And you can click down. 

You can see what different websites are showing up for what they're writing. 

And then also just scroll down the page. 

See what you're noticing as far as article titles or these are, these are where the SEO titles and the meta descriptions that you plug in on your website. 

This is where they show up. So this is where potential clients,at least website visitors are getting that first taste of what you are writing? 

What are you talking about? Is it something that I want to read and just think through you being the, you know, the Google search or at this point, what are you drawn to? 

What do you like? What do you like seeing? 

And then you can keep that in mind as you go to write your own content.

So as we scroll all the way down, there's a section where there's videos again, you know, there's titles of videos, be mindful of those, just kind of notice them. 

And then as you get all the way to the bottom there's related searches, which again is just as valuable as that people also ask sections. 

So these related searches can also give you that different phrasing of keywords that you might not think of, that your clients might be typing in. 

You're going to see if you use this keyword, where else might you be showing up? So I just Google it and don't skip over it. Don't skip over it. Don't neglect it. 

I don't think that there's stuff that you can't do on a teeny tiny budget for SEO research. Yeah. That's awesome.

You know, I love that you are like the queen of people also ask and I just love that. 

I'm like, thank you a t-shirt please! 

But the related searches at the bottom, that is really great. You know,, I kind of skipped over that usually, but you know, it really makes sense because that gives you the variations of what people are actually typing in to look for the thing.

Yeah. And again, we get so in the weeds with our own stuff, with our own work, that we start to become familiar with the phrasing or the definitions or just whatever the slang, the jargon. 

And we forget that other people aren't as familiar with it. They might be brand new to the concept of SEO. 

So what can we say?

They might be brand new to the concept of realizing that a copywriter is a thing. 

So what can we include so that we attract the people that okay, for copywriter, how can I make sure that I'm attracting people who want copywriting services and not people who want to become a copywriter? 

So those are the differences, the nuances that you have to be mindful of in this is a free tool that can help you do that. 

And I learned a fancy word for that. That, well, it's a fancy word combination, but it's search intent. Yes. 

So you're figuring out the words that match the search intent that you want people to have when they find you. So that's awesome. Awesome SEO tips.

Alright. I think we've got your last tool to go, okay. 

Tripped over my own ability to say the alphabet there. But my last one is the content king app. 

And what I love about the content king app is it kind of puts together all of these tools on steroids and they give you a free, they give you a free week or so to try it out.

And the content king app it's made big moves with SEO and just using the free trial, like bigger moves that I had, I think with all the other ones combined, believe it or not. 

Yeah. That's pretty impressive. Yeah. The reason why I think is because it gives you SEO feedback in real time over what you've got going on on your website. 

And then just like I talked about earlier with surfer, how they kind of give you the tasks to do, to improve your SEO content king provided those tasks. Wow. 

Only they provided all of them. You know what I mean? Yes. 

I'm checking it off, checking it off, checking it off. 

And what's so sad and crazy about SEO. It’s like the tasks are always there! 

So it just seems like no matter what you do to improve your SEO, there's always things you can do to make it better. 

But again, think between content king, Ahrefs,, Ubersuggest - all these tools that we're talking about here, they have made it possible to improve your domain rating quickly because they tell you exactly what to fix on your website in order for it to be more search engine friendly. 

Yeah. Which is always really helpful, especially when you're so new. And you're just like, I can do all of these things, but like, where do I start?

What should I do? Am I missing something? And like you said, they spell it out for you. Yes. 

And it's, it's good to know where to start, you know, because even while talking about it right now, you might be listening and you're like, okay, I get it, start with keywords or whatever.

But when you start to do it on your own, you can easily just go down these rabbit holes and look up and realize I'm totally lost within this tool that I just started using. 

So to have a specific list of items to do is very, very helpful. And you know, it's encouraging, it keeps you motivated.

And then you also see the results, y on your website. 

So therefore you'll continue to make those changes. And at the very least you can understand what you're paying an SEO to do for you. If you're not doing it yourself. 

Yeah. What you're paying like an SEO service provider kind of to tackle for you. I always think it's really good to understand what's going on because I've had so many clients that have had negative experiences where they really have been messed over by some other agencies or even just like single SEO or copywriter providers.

And it just drives me insane. So I always like to walk my clients through and educate them as we're going along.

 Even if they don't necessarily want all the information, I can always give them the higher level version of it, the highlight version. 

And at least then they understand this is what I'm doing. This is what happened. Here's what you're getting.

So they can see progress. They can see the whole process unfold because it's just so frustrating to see people really just get messed over by other providers and agencies. 

Yeah. And you know, the other thing is just that people understand that, okay, after you implement these changes, they do take time. 

They do take time to generate sales, to generate traffic and all of those things. 

It's almost like a snowball effect as you get all of these things going in the right direction, it's just going to keep getting bigger and better for your business down the road. 

And to your point of, you know, understanding how things work  I'm going to drop a link in the show notes for surfers SEO training. It's free, it's online. 

And you know, so if you're kind of curious to how all of this stuff goes together, that was a really helpful training as well. Yeah. That would be wonderful. 

Oh man, this has been great. 

And you know, what I picked up on, I am always looking for patterns. 

I think the human brain does that, but especially mine. Mine is just like get down on patterns. 

All of your tools seem to point toward content creation. And I feel like all of my tools seem to point toward SEO research and keyword research. 

That's so interesting. And that makes sense because I love creating content based on SEO.

And I like starting at, you know, step one. This is so cool. 

Well, but it makes sense because you're writing copy for websites that are, you know, for that purpose, for conversions. 

Whereas I am writing copy for websites that are focused on attracting relevant traffic. 

So, you know, they work together so beautifully,

Just so lovely. Oh, this has been great. Yeah. Super fun. 

I know we could talk forever, but I also know you need to get out of here. 

So thank you guys so much for joining us today and B can't wait until next time till next time. 

Bye bye. 

Thanks for joining us today. If you liked this info subscribe before you go, so you never miss out on something related to SEO. See you next time.


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