Simple and Smart SEO Show Podcast with Crystal and B

Hey, we are Crystal and B (or B & C).

We know SEO can be a complicated thing to learn about but it doesn't have to be!




  • Brittany and Crystal met in 2018 when they were both learning about copywriting and marketing
  • They bonded over their shared love of (COFFEE and) helping others and their willingness to learn.
  • They are grateful for the conversations they've been able to have that have helped them both grow their businesses.


  • SEO is important because it can help a business be found by people searching for what they sell
  • SEO is simple and can be done with small changes
  • The best way to answer SEO questions is to think about what questions people are Googling - and answer that!
  • Listen to the Simple and Smart SEO Show Podcast and learn how you can make your website rank higher for FREE!