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Simple and Smart SEO Show Podcast with Crystal and B

Hey, we are Crystal and B (or B & C).

The simple and smart seo show with crystal waddell and brittany herzberg

We know SEO can be a complicated thing to learn about but it doesn't have to be!



  • Brittany and Crystal met in 2018 when they were both learning about copywriting and marketing
  • They bonded over their shared love of (COFFEE and) helping others and their willingness to learn.
  • They are grateful for the conversations they've been able to have that have helped them both grow their businesses.


  • SEO is important because it can help a business be found by people searching for what they sell
  • SEO is simple and can be done with small changes
  • The best way to answer SEO questions is to think about what questions people are Googling - and answer that!
  • Listen to the Simple and Smart SEO Show Podcast and learn how you can make your website rank higher for FREE!

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SEO Shorts: the best SEO podcast (and it's private!)

Episode 1: Welcome to The Simple and Smart SEO Show

Episode 2: What is SEO? The Importance of Growth Mindset in SEO

 Episode 3: How To Optimize Your Pinterest Account For SEO

Episode 4: Instagram Search: How to Rank Higher in 2023

Episode 5: Best SEO Tools of Top Experts in 2023 - Free and Paid

Episode 6: AI That Helps Your Etsy Shop and Shopify SEO (An Easy Way to Improve Your Store!)

Episode 7: What is SEO in 2023? (The Solopreneur Guide with Laura Jawad - Pt. 1)

Episode 8: What is SEO in 2023? (The Solopreneur Guide with laura Jawad - Pt. 2)

Episode 9: On-page SEO Mistakes: Tips to Improve Your Website

Episode 10: Need to Improve Your SEO On Your Own? [Listen To This Episode] With Erin Ollila

Episode 11: Let's Chat About Google Analytics-4, [aka GA-4] Are You Tracking Your Website Traffic?

Episode 12: You Probably Don't Need To Hire An SEO Expert If You Can Understand These Words!

Episode 13: Is SEO Dying? Should You Switch To Paid Ads? With Ads Expert Ashleigh Chanel! (Part 1)

Episode 14: The Road To Making GOOOOOD Sales [Using SEO and Ads] With Ashleigh Chanel (Part 2)

Episode 16: Podcast SEO

Episode 19: With Emily Reagan (Part 1)

Episode 20: Missing out on traffic? SEO tips for business owners with Emily Reagan (Part 2)

Episode 21: Learn How to Optimize Your Podcast For Google and Apple with Podcast Producer, Leah Bryant!

Episode 22: White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO: Which SEO Strategy is Right For You? With SEO Expert and Consultant Stephanie Long (Pt. 1)

Episode 23: White Hat SEO Techniques (Part 2) With Stephanie Long 

Episode 24: Creative SEO Tips: Boost Your SEO With Public Speaking

Episode 25: Conversion SEO: Blending PR and Search Engine Optimization With Semrush Surround Sound. Featuring Alisa Meredith. 

Episode 26: You Won't Find a Better Deal on SEO AI Writing Software - So act Now! (Black Friday Special Episode: Surfer SEO Behind The Scenes)

Episode 27: INTRODUCING: SEO Shorts! (SEO Tools we love for Keyword Research)

Episode 28: Workflow Tips, Systems, & SEO Strategy, OH MY! With Dahlia Orth, a Systems Strategist and Honeybook Pro

Episode 29: Launch With Confidence: SEO and Successful Product Launches With Brenna McGowan

Episode 30: Why LinkedIn Is The Missing Link In Your SEO Strategy: With LinkedIn Expert Salina Yeung

Episode 31: What's keeping You Up At Night? Solving Customer Problems With SEO & Content w/Marketing Fixer Sunny Logsdon

Episode 32: Image Size For Websites: And How To Use ScreamingFrog With SEO Expert Stephanie Long

Episode 33: Unlock Your SEO Potential in 2023! Brittany Herzberg & Crystal Waddell's Top 6 Episodes

Episode 34: How Task and Content Planning Helps You Win The SEO Game: An Online Business Owner's Ultimate Task List

Episode 35: Unlock the Secrets to SEO & SOP Magic w/Dolly DeLong: Learn How To Create Your Own System For Success!

Episode 36: The Benefits of the Google Business Profile (the artist formerly known as Google My Business!)

Episode 37: There's No Shame In Your SEO Game: 5 Common Website Issues We All Experience

Episode 38: Great Messaging is Great SEO. Discover Your "Magic Message: w/Marisa Corcoran

Episode 39: Tap Into the Power Of An Off-Site SEO Strategy With Copywriter Erin Ollila

Episode 40: Unleashing the Power of SEO: Part 2 of Our Sizzling Hot SEO Dictionary Episode!



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