Blog Writing with AI: A Guide to Automating Content Creation

Blog Writing with AI: A Guide to Automating Content Creation

Create Blog Posts with AI: A Guide to Automating Content Creation

Creating blog posts can take up a lot of time and energy, but luckily, you no longer have to manually write every post.

This video will show you how AI-driven content creation can be used to generate high-quality blog posts quickly and easily.

With the help of AI, you'll be able to create engaging content quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Learn how to use AI for your own content creation today!

I am certified in writing technology


My favorite ai tools are and Surfer SEO. uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to generate content ideas, topics, titles, and even headlines that are engaging and on-topic for your blog.

Surfer SEO helps you optimize the content you create by giving you real-time feedback on keyword density, length of posts, readability scores, etc.

With these tools in hand, you'll be able to create content that's optimized for SEO and engaging for readers quickly.

Planning content successfully

social media marketing platforms resource chart. Source:Wordstream.

In addition to these tools, I also recommend using a content calendar to plan out your blog posts in advance.

A content calendar helps you organize your ideas and ensures that you stay on track with creating high-quality posts regularly.

Once you've got the right AI tools and a content calendar in place, you can start writing and publishing blog posts that will help you reach your audience.

Track and Analyze Your Blog Traffic

utilize google search console to track your progress.


Finally, I suggest using the Google analytics Search platforms like Search Console to track and measure the performance of your content.

This data can be invaluable when it comes time to evaluate what changes need to be made or how successful topics have been.

By tracking metrics such as click-through rate, time spent on page, and social media sharing, you can gain valuable insights to improve your content.

AI Will Transform Your Content Output and Your Traffic!

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Grab my on demand Content Planning Workshop to jumpstart your blogging strategy!

By utilizing the latest AI technology along with a content calendar and analytics platforms, you can easily create content that resonates with readers and drives results for your company.

With these tools in place, you'll be well on your way to creating amazing blog posts that your audience loves.

Good luck!

Thanks for your time,

Your friendly content creator and favorite SEO Superhero Crystal Waddell

 How to Create Blog Posts With AI: A Guide To Automating Content Creation


[00:00:00] Crystal Waddell: Today's topic is blogging 101, creating an outline for your posts.

[00:00:06] Crystal Waddell: Creating blog content is time consuming. I think we can all agree on that.

[00:00:10] Crystal Waddell: And you're probably thinking, I know I need to create more blog posts, but I just don't have the time.

[00:00:17] Crystal Waddell: And the fact is there's so many things competing for your attention.

[00:00:22] Crystal Waddell: So many competing priorities that it's really difficult to make it a priority to blog, but content marketing is making a comeback.

[00:00:34] Crystal Waddell: Not that it ever went away, but it's definitely making a comeback in 2022.

[00:00:38] Crystal Waddell: So blogging is definitely something you want to add to your content plan.

[00:00:45] Crystal Waddell: Now, some people are a little overwhelmed by that because it's Oh, but I'm doing, Pinterest, I'm doing Instagram, I'm doing Facebook.

[00:00:54] Crystal Waddell: But the fact is those platforms that I just named are other [00:01:00] people's platforms and blogging is the only way.

[00:01:04] Crystal Waddell: To really control your content on your own website.

[00:01:08] Crystal Waddell: So we're going to go ahead and dive deep into this and i'm going to share a tool with you.

[00:01:14] Crystal Waddell: That will help this be even easier than ever before.

[00:01:18] Crystal Waddell: My name is crystal Waddell.

[00:01:20] Crystal Waddell: I talk about all of the content marketing tools and tasks that we need to complete to have successful online businesses.

[00:01:29] Crystal Waddell: So I am the proud owner of

[00:01:33] Crystal Waddell: Which is a Shopify e commerce store.

[00:01:36] Crystal Waddell: I love talking about Shopify and all things e commerce. And whenever I find a tool that works for me.

[00:01:43] Crystal Waddell: I want to share it with other business owners because if it's making my life easier.

[00:01:47] Crystal Waddell: I know it will make your life easier as well.

[00:01:50] Crystal Waddell: So the tool that I'm speaking of course, is, a drum roll, please.

[00:01:55] Crystal Waddell: Jasper.

[00:01:56] Crystal Waddell: So Jasper is a [00:02:00] AI copywriting assistant tool. I always want to make sure I say that, right?

[00:02:05] Crystal Waddell: Because, Jasper isn't a it's not an AI replacement for a copywriter.

[00:02:11] Crystal Waddell: It is a tool that you can use to complete all of the copywriting tasks that you need.

[00:02:18] Crystal Waddell: So much easier.

[00:02:20] Crystal Waddell: So today I'm going to talk to you about Jasper.

[00:02:23] Crystal Waddell: And people are always asking me how I come up with so many posts for my own blog.

[00:02:28] Crystal Waddell: I'll be honest, a lot of that has to do with Jasper.

[00:02:31] Crystal Waddell: Let's talk about five different places that you can find good topics, no matter what your interests might be.

[00:02:38] Crystal Waddell: So let's get started with number one.

[00:02:40] Crystal Waddell: Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. So... what are you thinking about?

[00:02:46] Crystal Waddell: That's the first place I would start.

[00:02:48] Crystal Waddell: With your own questions.

[00:02:49] Crystal Waddell: Because your questions are a good indicator that someone else in the world is probably trying to find the answer, too.

[00:02:56] Crystal Waddell: So use these thoughts and these questions as [00:03:00] a foundation for your blog.

[00:03:02] Crystal Waddell: And think about what is helpful to others, because if you seek to be helpful.

[00:03:07] Crystal Waddell: You will find your audience and you'll find a group of people that appreciate the fact that you are Blazing the trail before them and helping them as they go.

[00:03:15] Crystal Waddell: So Number one.

[00:03:17] Crystal Waddell: Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

[00:03:21] Crystal Waddell: And that's the first place to start.

[00:03:23] Crystal Waddell: With your own thoughts ideas and questions.

[00:03:26] Crystal Waddell: Number two, you can blog about anything you want.

[00:03:30] Crystal Waddell: From fashion to food.

[00:03:32] Crystal Waddell: But you want to blog about what you know.

[00:03:34] Crystal Waddell: Or at least know enough to be dangerous about, right?

[00:03:39] Crystal Waddell: Know enough to be dangerous.

[00:03:40] Crystal Waddell: And you also want to think about blogging about things that are profitable.

[00:03:44] Crystal Waddell: Because you want your blog to either lead people to your products or to your affiliate links.

[00:03:52] Crystal Waddell: Remember, you can blog about anything you want, but the days of blogging like a diary are over.

[00:03:59] Crystal Waddell: If [00:04:00] you are wanting to blog and make money, you have to think about ways that you can position your content around your products.

[00:04:06] Crystal Waddell: Or the affiliate products that you promote.

[00:04:09] Crystal Waddell: And then number three before you start blogging, you've got to realize a couple of things.

[00:04:16] Crystal Waddell: And the most important thing is that consistency is key.

[00:04:20] Crystal Waddell: And the other thing is to know that it may take weeks of blogging to find something that hits.

[00:04:27] Crystal Waddell: So you can save yourself some time here by utilizing Google trends and SEO tools like SEO surfer.

[00:04:36] Crystal Waddell: I love SEO surfer because they give you like a content planner where you can put in a keyword and it gives you a bunch of different ideas around that keyword.

[00:04:44] Crystal Waddell: Definitely check out some of the tools that are already available to help you come up with ideas that will help your business.

[00:04:51] Crystal Waddell: And then number four. Choosing where to find good topics depends on what you want to write about.

[00:04:59] Crystal Waddell: So [00:05:00] just so you know, there are three main types of blogs.

[00:05:04] Crystal Waddell: There's the personal, there's informational, and then there's a business professional blog.

[00:05:09] Crystal Waddell: And sometimes there's some overlap there.

[00:05:11] Crystal Waddell: But then when you think about the posts, there are also several different types of posts.

[00:05:16] Crystal Waddell: And one post could be local.

[00:05:18] Crystal Waddell: Think dentist near me. That type of thing.

[00:05:21] Crystal Waddell: And just so you know, there's actually a a dentist near me franchise that is sprung up and they are super smart.

[00:05:29] Crystal Waddell: Because what do people put into Google when they're looking for anything?

[00:05:33] Crystal Waddell: And if they're looking for a dentist, they're putting in dentist near me.

[00:05:36] Crystal Waddell: So super smart, franchise operator there.

[00:05:40] Crystal Waddell: But that there's the local type of post.

[00:05:43] Crystal Waddell: Then there's the customer investigation type of posts.

[00:05:47] Crystal Waddell: Where customers like searching for certain product or certain thing.

[00:05:51] Crystal Waddell: Then there's informational where maybe they know about.

[00:05:54] Crystal Waddell: This certain product or thing, and now they're looking for information on it.

[00:05:58] Crystal Waddell: And starting to make [00:06:00] comparisons and then there's shopping AKA transactional posts.

[00:06:05] Crystal Waddell: So what you should write about depends on the search intent of the user that you're trying to attract.

[00:06:12] Crystal Waddell: You have to consider that and your solution to see how they fit together.

[00:06:16] Crystal Waddell: But remember.

[00:06:18] Crystal Waddell: Unless you're blogging just for fun to have kind of an online diary.

[00:06:22] Crystal Waddell: You always want to try and figure out how you can connect your blog topics and the information in your blog to something that's going to result in either a sale for you from your own products.

[00:06:36] Crystal Waddell: Or a sale via affiliate marketing.

[00:06:40] Crystal Waddell: And then number five.

[00:06:42] Crystal Waddell: When writing a post, it's really important to have an outline that includes a title for the blog post, different sections of the post, and points that are going to be covered in each section.

[00:06:54] Crystal Waddell: Having an outline helps you frame the content that you're going to write and gives you a guide [00:07:00] of how to do that.

[00:07:01] Crystal Waddell: And you might be thinking, okay, I thought you were talking about blogging in an easier way.

[00:07:08] Crystal Waddell: And so I want to share with you how Jasper can help here. Okay.

[00:07:13] Crystal Waddell: Because once you know the idea that you want to talk about Jasper has some amazing tools within the dashboard.

[00:07:20] Crystal Waddell: So, I'm going into the templates dashboard right now.

[00:07:24] Crystal Waddell: And I'm going to scroll down to the first one that I wanted to share with you.

[00:07:29] Crystal Waddell: It's a tool that will help you brainstorm new blog post topics.

[00:07:33] Crystal Waddell: So, let's take a look at this.

[00:07:35] Crystal Waddell: The first thing that Jasper will ask you for is your company name.

[00:07:39] Crystal Waddell: So I'm going to put in my company name.

[00:07:42] Crystal Waddell: I make giant wooden letters and numbers.

[00:07:45] Crystal Waddell: And I want to see how I could create a blog post that will engage readers and rank well on Google.

[00:07:52] Crystal Waddell: So my company name is

[00:07:56] Crystal Waddell: So I'm putting that in there.

[00:07:58] Crystal Waddell: And then the next field asks [00:08:00] for a product description.

[00:08:01] Crystal Waddell: And both the company name and the product description are required fields.

[00:08:06] Crystal Waddell: My product description is custom wooden letters let's see.

[00:08:12] Crystal Waddell: For events and home decor.

[00:08:18] Crystal Waddell: Okay.

[00:08:20] Crystal Waddell: And then for the audience.

[00:08:22] Crystal Waddell: I'm going to put in here school graduation coordinators or high school graduation coordinators. So that is my audience. It's not a requirement. It's not a required field here in Jasper.

[00:08:38] Crystal Waddell: But that's something that I know I want to target those people specifically to buy my product.

[00:08:43] Crystal Waddell: The next thing is that you want to include a tone of voice and with tone of voice, you can do something like witty.

[00:08:51] Crystal Waddell: Or you can even do like Google. Or expert copywriter or something like that.

[00:08:57] Crystal Waddell: Welcome to the stage. How are you [00:09:00] doing? Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you so much.

[00:09:02] Crystal Waddell: First of all, let me introduce myself.

[00:09:03] John: My name is John. I'm a blogger. I blog marketing, digital marketing. Entrepreneurship.

[00:09:08] John: I think it's a wonderful I've been hearing about how AI can be used can be used in content writing.

[00:09:15] John: Though I've have not tried it yet.

[00:09:17] John:But I'm worried about the issue of falling the trap of copying someone's else content.

[00:09:21] John: How do I avoid that?

[00:09:23] John: Is this AI in content writing reliable? So that's a question.

[00:09:28] Crystal Waddell: Absolutely.

[00:09:29] Crystal Waddell: So what you're referring to is plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism.

[00:09:33] Crystal Waddell: You don't have to worry about this.

[00:09:34] Crystal Waddell: Number 1 there is an option within Jasper for a plagiarizing plagiarism checker.

[00:09:41] Crystal Waddell: And I can't remember which company it is, but if that's a concern, you can upgrade to that.

[00:09:46] Crystal Waddell: But the other thing is just the nature of how Jasper works.

[00:09:49] Crystal Waddell: Jasper doesn't go out to the internet or the resources that it has and take from the internet.

[00:09:56] Crystal Waddell: Jasper imitates what it finds on the internet.

[00:09:59] Crystal Waddell: So [00:10:00] even if you are creating content for yourself, it's rare that you're going to get the exact same output twice just because Jasper goes and tries to find something to imitate, not to copy.

[00:10:14] John: Yeah, okay. All right. Thank you so much.

[00:10:16] Crystal Waddell: Okay. Is there are there any blog topic ideas you want to Have Jasper brainstorm for you?

[00:10:25] John: Ah, yeah lots of them lots of blog topics. I'm actually doing some, I'm actually, okay, do I have to spell say the blog topics in details, probably just give a niche topic, how do I say it?

[00:10:39] Crystal Waddell: Okay. If you already have a blog topic idea.

[00:10:41] Crystal Waddell: Let me just close out what I was doing a little bit ago.

[00:10:45] Crystal Waddell: If you were listening from the beginning the blog topic that Jasper came up for me.

[00:10:51] Crystal Waddell: Okay. With my input of custom wooden letters and numbers for events and home decor.

[00:10:56] Crystal Waddell: Just one output was 12 ways to [00:11:00] save money on home decor.

[00:11:02] Crystal Waddell: So if I were like I'm going to do for you here, if if I had my blog topic idea, then I can leave that particular template.

[00:11:13] Crystal Waddell: And go back out and look at the other templates that Jasper has. And now I'm going to go to blog post outline.

[00:11:20] Crystal Waddell: So you, I'm going to let you give me your, just one blog post title or topic.

[00:11:26] Crystal Waddell: And we can demonstrate here how Jasper will build an outline for you.

[00:11:29] John: Okay. All right.

[00:11:30] John:How about we, we try this let's say how to make money blogging.

[00:11:34] Crystal Waddell: So let's try that. Okay.

[00:11:36] Crystal Waddell: So I'm going to type that in there.

[00:11:38] Crystal Waddell: How to make money blogging.

[00:11:40] Crystal Waddell: And then Jasper gives us another field option where you can choose tone of voice.

[00:11:46] Crystal Waddell: And this is where you can choose things like witty or sarcastic.

[00:11:52] Crystal Waddell: Or funny or happy.

[00:11:54] Crystal Waddell: But you can also choose things like Google or expert copywriting. So is there [00:12:00] any specific tone of voice you'd like to use?

[00:12:03] John: Yeah. I think I've seen that option in Grammarly.

[00:12:05] John: So I would just prefer experts.

[00:12:08] Crystal Waddell: Okay. So we're going to go expert and you can also put people in there like famous people.

[00:12:14] Crystal Waddell: So sometimes I try to use something like Maya Angelou just because she's got such a pretty voice or, voice writing.

[00:12:26] Crystal Waddell: Okay. So how to make money blogging tone of voice expert.

[00:12:31] Crystal Waddell: Jasper will then punch out like six to eight or whatever, as many as makes sense bullet points for you to write your content around.

[00:12:42] Crystal Waddell: Once you have your blog post topic, and blog post outline.

[00:12:47] Crystal Waddell: You can take all of that kind of planning that you've done.

[00:12:50] Crystal Waddell: And create a new document.

[00:12:52] Crystal Waddell: And there's a blog post workflow where you can put in the content that you want to create.

[00:12:58] Crystal Waddell: Jasper will choose a [00:13:00] title for you.

[00:13:00] Crystal Waddell: Jasper will create content based on those inputs.

[00:13:05] Crystal Waddell: So it's really been a helpful tool for me and so many others, like hundreds of thousands of other people to create blog content fast.

[00:13:14] John: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. That's been helpful. It gives you an opportunity to write very lengthy and informative content.

[00:13:21] Crystal Waddell: I think that's, it's a wonderful tool. Yeah. Thank you.

[00:13:24] Crystal Waddell: But it said, number one, choose a topic you're passionate about. Number two, create high quality content on a regular basis.

[00:13:33] Crystal Waddell: Three, use social media to share your content and build an audience.

[00:13:37] Crystal Waddell: Number four, engage with your audience and respond to comments and questions.

[00:13:42] Crystal Waddell: Number five, promote your blog on other websites and directories.

[00:13:46] Crystal Waddell: And number six, make use of tools and resources to help you succeed.

[00:13:51] John: What do you think of that? Very nice. It's a wonderful, I think it's better. It gives you like a heads up. Instead of trying to do the [00:14:00] research yourself, I think it's a wonderful it's wonderful to get started with.

[00:14:03] John: But all I'll say is our advice is to at least try to use your own personal input. Try to make it yours because it's a machine and Yeah.

[00:14:13] Crystal Waddell: Oh, absolutely.

[00:14:15] Crystal Waddell: And just so you know, I don't work for Jasper. I just use Jasper. I'm an affiliate, but I'm, I don't work for them.

[00:14:20] Crystal Waddell: So I absolutely understand what you're saying.

[00:14:22] Crystal Waddell: If you're blogging for your business, you want to make sure that there are business and financially Incentivizing things in your blog to make it worth your time.

[00:14:33] Crystal Waddell: One of those, if you have your own e commerce store.

[00:14:36] Crystal Waddell: Then you are, you know Linking back to your products.

[00:14:40] Crystal Waddell: And making sure that people have a way to purchase your products.

[00:14:44] Crystal Waddell: If you're an affiliate, this is a great place to drop affiliate links.

[00:14:47] Crystal Waddell: And that number six option that Jasper put out for you.

[00:14:52] Crystal Waddell: That was a great opportunity among others.

[00:14:55] Crystal Waddell: To drop the affiliate links of the products that you would recommend as the best [00:15:00] products to use to start a blog.

[00:15:01] Crystal Waddell: So it really is like a framework, but then you get to personalize it with what you know and how that can help.

[00:15:08] John: Yeah. All right.

[00:15:09] John: Thank you. Thank you so much. I think it's been helpful.

[00:15:12] John: I use Grammarly to modify my grammatical errors, and I just make, try to see what other people ranking on the first page on Google has written.

[00:15:22] John: So I take a look at them, modify and add to what I have and develop the content.

[00:15:27] John: I think, is this link your affiliate link so I could just use it, sign up with it? Yes.

[00:15:32] Crystal Waddell: This is my affiliate link and you get 10, 000 words for free. So that's a good thing that you have a little bit extra to play with.

[00:15:40] Crystal Waddell: And because you're a blogger, you probably also are aware of like SEO tools.

[00:15:45] Crystal Waddell: Honestly, once you get past like the writer's block.

[00:15:49] Crystal Waddell: I love Jasper for giving you ideas and helping you build on things that you might have already been thinking about.

[00:15:55] Crystal Waddell: But what really comes into play after that is, optimizing [00:16:00] for Google. And to be completely transparent.

[00:16:04] Crystal Waddell: My favorite thing is to use Jasper with an SEO tool like Surfer SEO.

[00:16:10] Crystal Waddell: Surfer SEO really gives you the context of what will rank in Google.

[00:16:16] Crystal Waddell: So it's making suggestions for header titles.

[00:16:20] Crystal Waddell: And different words and how many times to use them.

[00:16:23] Crystal Waddell: The length of the article, all those types of things, how many images.

[00:16:27] Crystal Waddell: Writing the copy is only 1 piece of the puzzle for getting content to rank on Google.

[00:16:34] Crystal Waddell: But Jasper is a great start for those of us who are just trying to get words on paper.

[00:16:40] John: Yeah. Yeah. I think that's wonderful.

[00:16:42] John: Talking about SEO tools I actually use SEMrush.

[00:16:45] John: I use Google Keywords Planner to do research.

[00:16:48] John: I also use a Google search engine.

[00:16:50] John: They give you like kind of suggestion.

[00:16:51] John:There's one called UberSuggest By Neil Patel. It's an amazing tool. There, there are lots of them.

[00:16:59] Crystal Waddell: Thank [00:17:00] you. Yeah, absolutely.

[00:17:01] Crystal Waddell: I don't think you mentioned keywords everywhere.

[00:17:04] Crystal Waddell: But that's another one that I love.

[00:17:05] Crystal Waddell: And I'm not sure whether it's keywords everywhere or Uber suggest. Because I have both of those installed as Chrome extensions.

[00:17:14] Crystal Waddell: And because I do a lot with Pinterest, when I search for keywords on Pinterest, Using one of those tools. I can't tell which one it is.

[00:17:21] Crystal Waddell: Either Uber suggests or keywords everywhere.

[00:17:24] Crystal Waddell: I not only can do my keyword research on Pinterest, but then it also shows me the average search volume of those particular words on Google as well.

[00:17:35] Crystal Waddell: So it's like a two for one. If you spend some time on Pinterest, like I do. Marketing where you can also get the information for Google and search engines and make even better, more informed decisions on which words to use.

[00:17:48] John: Yeah. Yeah. That's, I think that's right.

[00:17:50] John: I think I would probably, I've seen keyword everywhere is a wonderful tool.

[00:17:54] John: There's a one also that I would like to tell you about is called answer the public.

[00:17:58] John: You enter a topic [00:18:00] and it gives you questions that people will be asking in prepositions.

[00:18:03] John: You can Google it as answer the public.

[00:18:06] Crystal Waddell: Thank you so much for joining me today.

[00:18:08] Crystal Waddell: Just to really recap really quick, what we were talking about.

[00:18:11] Crystal Waddell: We were talking about using Jasper to write blog posts.

[00:18:15] Crystal Waddell: So just remember blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

[00:18:19] Crystal Waddell: But blogging has changed. It's no longer about. Just, sharing your diary, your online diary, your online journal with the world.

[00:18:27] Crystal Waddell: If you're a business owner, you really want to figure out how you can monetize those thoughts and ideas.

[00:18:32] Crystal Waddell: And either that's through linking to your own products or using affiliate links within your blog copy.

[00:18:38] Crystal Waddell: And then remember you can blog about anything you want.

[00:18:41] Crystal Waddell: But try as much as you can, as best as you can to blog about what you know.

[00:18:46] Crystal Waddell: Or at least what you know enough to be dangerous about.

[00:18:49] Crystal Waddell: Because you want to be viewed as a credible resource.

[00:18:53] Crystal Waddell: Number three before you start blogging, remember that consistency is key. It's not [00:19:00] gonna be something that gives you immediate results.

[00:19:02] Crystal Waddell: A lot like Pinterest. It's a long game.

[00:19:04] Crystal Waddell: So make sure that you are being strategic about your blog. By including those affiliate links and links to your own products.

[00:19:11] Crystal Waddell: So that you can become profitable as quickly as possible.

[00:19:15] Crystal Waddell: And then remember to also write for your end user.

[00:19:19] Crystal Waddell: Understand the types of posts.

[00:19:21] Crystal Waddell: Whether someone's investigating about the information you're writing about or they're looking for a transaction.

[00:19:27] Crystal Waddell: They're looking to go shopping.

[00:19:29] Crystal Waddell: So what you should write about?

[00:19:31] Crystal Waddell: It really depends on the search intent of the user and your solution to the subject.

[00:19:36] Crystal Waddell: Like where those two things meet.

[00:19:39] Crystal Waddell: And number five, when you're writing a post, it's important to have an outline that includes your title and different bullet points for the article.

[00:19:47] Crystal Waddell: A very fast and efficient way to do that is by using

[00:19:53] Crystal Waddell: I am very grateful for you guys coming today and I look forward to the next chat.

[00:19:59] Crystal Waddell: I thank you for [00:20:00] being here and I hope you have a wonderful day.

[00:20:02] Crystal Waddell: All right. Bye guys.



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