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Pinterest Business Account Optimization: Masterclass Immersion

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Who doesn't want to be Pinterest savvy? Learn how to successfully use your Pinterest business account by being immersed in our 4-session program.

A link to the sessions will be delivered via email after purchase.

Part 1: Pinterest Business Account Optimization

  • How to Conduct a Pinterest Profile Audit
  • Cover Image
  • Profile Image
  • Keyword Research
  • Profile Description
  • Pinterest Technical Tools
  • Board Clean Up (hiding, archiving, renaming and NOT deleting)

HOMEWORK: Complete the audit and clean-up for your account

Part 2: Idea Pin Creation

  • Technical Specs
  • Templates!
  • Content Mining
  • Tags & Stickers
  • Video vs. Static
  • Text Overlay
  • Finishing Touches: Title and Cover VIDEO
  • Lists: Ingredients vs. Supplies vs Notes
  • Choosing a Board
  • Tagging Related Topics

HOMEWORK: Create an optimized Idea Pin

Part 3: Repurposing Idea Pins as Static Pins

  • Technical Specs
  • Canva Tools
  • Jarvis
  • Statistics & Analytics
  • Q & A

Homework: Create an optimized Idea Pin AND repurpose slides as static pins

Part 4: Next Quarter Pinning Plan for Pinterest

  • Pinterest Trends
  • Pinterest Predicts
  • Creator Hub
  • SWOT
  • Q & A

Pinterest Business Account Optimization: Masterclass Immersion