Let's talk about the connection between a Linkedin marketing strategy and SEO. 

Every social media platform is functioning as a search engine.

Linkedin is a perfect example with the amount of text and writing on the platform.

For this reason, I declare that incorporating a Linkedin marketing strategy as part of your overall SEO strategy is a great idea.

What is a Linkedin marketing strategy?

Start building your online presence right away on your Linkedin page.

Your Linkedin page is the first opportunity you have to introduce yourself to the community on Linkedin AND on Google.

(Go ahead, google your name! If you have been a professional for more than 5 minutes, chances are your Linkedin profile will show up in the top three results on Google!)

Other ways that you can maximize your time on Linkedin include joining relevant Linkedin groups and connecting with your target audience.

LinkedIn is the best tool to convert LinkedIn connections into customers. 

If you intentionally increase your activity on LinkedIn, you will notice a spike in quality interactions.

The algorithm will begin to show you more relevant content, which has helped them connect with more people meaningfully. 

However, they still receive cold pitches that are not impressive. 

The Linkedin company has created an option for users to move such messages to their secondary inbox, similar to Instagram.

Should you pay for Linkedin?

I have long questioned the benefits of using LinkedIn Premium versus the free version. 

If you are looking for basic Linkedin analytics, the free account is sufficient. 

However, if you plan to use LinkedIn as your primary tool for monetization, and networking, then you should consider upgrading to LinkedIn Premium. 

The main advantage of Premium is being able to see who has viewed your profile, which can lead to viable leads. 

Additionally, with Premium, users can send emails to those they are not connected with and have a higher social selling index score.

This helps you to grow your professional network and your Linkedin presence.

What is the Linkedin Social Selling Score (SSI)?

One thing to understand about the SSI: focus on building a healthy LinkedIn social selling index score before growing your audience. 

The SSI score can be easily found by Googling it and is similar to a report card that shows how well someone is doing in building their professional brand on the platform. 

This score is one way that Linkedin differentiates itself from other social media platforms.

A score below 60 can negatively impact one's reach on the platform, so it's important to focus on increasing it. 

LinkedIn created this score to help users measure their Linkedin marketing efforts. 

This is a way to establish your brand, find the right people, and receive a grade for your in-platform digital marketing strategy.

To have an effective Linkedin marketing strategy, you'll need to  focus on improving your SSI score by joining relevant Linkedin groups, following related Linkedin pages, and optimizing your personal profile.

Three pieces of data that Linkedin measures

When you check your social selling index, LinkedIn will highlight three key pieces of data that measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

  1. Your top industry SSI ranking, the average of people within the profession.
  2. Then, your network SSI is where you connect with different people. It's your friends, right? This is the average of the score of your connections, weighted with how you measure up against them.
  3. Finally, there is the social selling index.

To build your professional network, you will want to focus on the four pillars of a good Linkedin marketing strategy

  1. Establishing your personal brand.
  2. Finding the right people, 
  3. Engaging with other business professionals, and 
  4. Building quality relationships.

Strategies for using keywords on your Linked In Page

First, boost brand awareness by optimizing your work experience headline (current job title). 

Next is the headline, right? The headline on your Linkedin homepage contributes 70% of your SEO on LinkedIn. 

Instead of focusing on WHAT you do, use words that describe how you help prospective clients.

Use those 220 characters to build your social network and establish yourself as a business leader.

Suppose someone is a LinkedIn coach but gets ranked as a career coach, which is not what they want. 

This indicates that the SEO and keywords used on their LinkedIn profile are incorrect.

Tips for Linkedin company page

There are several tips for optimizing a company's LinkedIn page.

Here are some of them:

Use a clear and professional profile picture and cover image that reflects the brand.

Write an engaging and informative "About Us" section that highlights the company's mission, values, and unique selling points.

Use relevant keywords throughout the page to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Regularly post high-quality content that is relevant to the audience and showcases the company's expertise.

Engage with followers by responding to comments, messages, and sharing their content.

Encourage employees to add their current position at the company on their personal profiles, which will also link back to the company page.

Utilize LinkedIn analytics to track performance metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.

By implementing these tips, a company can create a strong presence on LinkedIn and increase its visibility among potential customers and partners.

Company Page vs. Personal Linkedin Page?

It depends on the specific goals and objectives of the individual or company. 

Both a personal profile and a company page can be valuable for different reasons.

A personal profile is useful for building a professional brand, networking with other professionals, and showcasing individual expertise.

It can also help to establish thought leadership in a particular industry.

If you are a founder, it's good to separate who you are on Linkedin from what you do. 

As an employee, it's even more important for you to set yourself apart from the brand you're building or the teams you lead at a particular company.

On the other hand, a company page is beneficial for promoting the brand, sharing updates and news about the company, and attracting potential customers or partners. 

It can also help to increase visibility in search engine results.

Ideally, both a personal profile and a company page should be used in tandem to achieve the best results. 

By leveraging the strengths of each platform, individuals and companies can maximize their impact on LinkedIn.

Why should a Linkedin marketing strategy play a role in your overall marketing strategy?

LinkedIn is a perfect place to focus on marketing for a few reasons. 

One is that only 5.2 per percent of people are creating content on a weekly basis, which means the rest of the time, almost 95%  are Linkedin lurkers. 

Imagine a business owner really consuming your marketing message, completely for free because you made a Linkedin post and SURPRISE! it actually showed up in the Linkedin algorithm?

Another reason is Linkedin ads. 

On Linkedin, your ads go directly in front of decision makers. 

You could participate in Linkedin groups with the very person who will eventually choose to purchase your product or service for their company.

Finally, because Linkedin is considered a "business social media site" it is inherently more trustworthy than traditional social media.

Can Linkedin serve as a sales page for a business?

As we've discussed, you can create content that educates your audience, offers valuable advice, and even sells products or services. 

You can also use Linkedin groups to target specific audiences, which will help you reach more people who might need your product or service. 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs might say that they can't launch their business because they don't have a website.

Or maybe they don't feel like they have a network. 

Utilizing Linkedin as a hub for your business eliminates these roadblocks and allows you to generate leads and communicate with them in a professional network, without leaving the platform.

How Linkedin can grow your business when you're just getting started

Traditional SEO methods typically take months before you see action on the first page of search results. 

However, you can gain traction and attract four digit interactions by leveraging content marketing opportunities within Linkedin. 

Imagine that a thousand eyeballs on you as you leverage LinkedIn as your sales page. Then you move those people through the content directly to your application form.

Then to your freebie or any other important social action you want them to take.

Does company size matter on Linkedin? 

What matters most is the engagement rate you get from your content. 

You can have a small team of 1-2 people and still reach hundreds or thousands of people with quality content. 

If your company's marketing strategy leverages Linkedin advertising and Linkedin content channels (like newsletters and articles), you can have a big impact on Linkedin, even with a small business.

Another benefit of Linkedin is that they don't penalize you for repurposing content. 

Use your previous blog as a LinkedIn article.

Repurpose your emails into a LinkedIn newsletter. 

There's an opportunity to go live on Linkedin. 

The best Linkedin strategy will incorporate the tools that they give you. 

Remember, 95% of Linkedin users do not partake in content marketing.

There’s so much room for your business!

How often should we try to post on Linkedin? 

Is there an ideal number of times per week? 

You should create Linkedin posts as often as you can create consistently. Make a plan for your content marketing and stick with it. 

Like Salina Yeoung said on our podcast, "It's a long term game for everyone to build a really successful personal brand online." 

If you can, start with twice a week with making Linkedin posts. 

As you get in a groove, you can increase your posting frequency. The more you post, the faster you will grow your followers and your traffic.

Let's recap these Linkedin marketing tips

Here's the top things you should focus on in your Linkedin marketing strategy:

Understand your private dashboard and the three key pieces of data: profile views, content impression, and the SEO number.

Don't worry about the number of followers on your personal page or your Linkedin company page.

Optimize your profile: photo. Make sure it is complete.

SEO is interconnected with search engines and social media platforms

The keywords that you choose on each platform and your website should complement one another. Talk about your stories. 

Show what it's like to operate in your business. Your target audience is on Linkedin, and they are waiting for you!

Want to learn more about creating your own Linkedin marketing strategy? 

Listen to this podcast from the Simple and Smart SEO Show with Linkedin expert Salina Yeoung.

Salina makes a case for Linkedin as the social media platform many businesses do not utilize to its fullest potential.

Listen now!

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What I'm sharing with you right now with all the keywords, you can use that for your headline as well, which you have 220 characters to be able to basically win your keyword. So similarly you can use B2B copywriter, conversion copywriter, like literally anything that people are trying to Searchie for. Then use it in your hotline when it comes to seo. Hello and welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO show Where we provide tips and advice to improve your website's search engine ranking.

I'm Brittany Herberg, SEO copywriter for holistic health and Wellness Pros who want to show up as the answer to a Googled Question. And I'm Crystal Waddell, an e-commerce seller and content creator. I help business owners communicate the value of their products and services through content so you can make more sales and grow your business. We are business besties who love learning and sharing what we've learned.

So what are we waiting for? Let's jump in. Crystal was like, wait, how does this connect to seo? Is that every social platform is its own searchable thing? So LinkedIn of course, like there's so much text and so much writing that happens on there and we would love to get into that. But before we do, do you wanna like introduce yourself,

tell us who you are and what your deal is? Yeah actually and then for the one that you pull up, it's wonderful. There's just one stat that just recently updates like only 5% of LinkedIn members are sharing content on a weekly basis. Perfect. Which is awesome. There's more people in the world. That's exciting. I didn't know that. I know it is.

So just get on it and try to build your online creating online right now. There is no better time. Okay, perfect. Cool. So hi everybody. I am, I'm so excited to join today's podcast. So shows with Brittany as well as Crystal here. I'm Lena. I teach businesses to build impactful brands on LinkedIn that when eyeballs trust in clients and my whole idea when I decided to start founding the in academy is really to see a lot of like smart business owners to struggle to build a powerful online presence,

LinkedIn especially creating magnetic content that builds demand for the business and use LinkedIn as the best tool to convert LinkedIn connection into customers. And that's why I started the in Academy of People to achieve that. Yay. I love it. And I know Crystal was talking earlier, she's like, I am so excited to learn stuff because I wanna be over on LinkedIn more.

And I was, I don't know if I actually shared this with you or with somebody else, crystal, but since working with you Selena, I've been trying to just go on a little bit more, go on LinkedIn and just like share stuff. Yeah. And I've had a spike in interactions I've had. The algorithm is definitely showing me more things that I like interacting with,

which is really cool. And then a lot more people are finding me and creating those meaningful connections. Although I'm still getting those like cold pitches that are not amazing. Yeah, yeah I know LinkedIn it's actively trying to avoid that cuz I know for Instagram all those like I call those pitch slap, right? They put it in the other inbox. I think LinkedIn is now having an ability for you to decide whether to move it to your sort of like secondary inbox.

So I, I hope that will help. But yeah that's totally unavoidable because everybody's trying to like get their eyes and attention right in front of business decision makers on the platform. So I think that's the reason why but otherwise it's great. Yeah. Okay. So I have a question about LinkedIn and as a like a user that's not very familiar with LinkedIn,

the thing that always gets me is there's like a free version of LinkedIn and then there's a paid version of LinkedIn and I was wondering if you could just kind of explain the differences and if there is any advantage at all to the paid version? Yeah, absolutely Love that Questions, I got that questions a lot. So it's LinkedIn regular account says LinkedIn premium,

right? So for just from, from my understanding from how I sort of clients is that if you just getting started on LinkedIn you could just use the free account. Yeah I was asking you know free versus paid, what's better and why and where you should start. And you said that you could kind of start with the free version but then you were about to like draw the ball about Yeah,

don't saying it cut out. Yeah, no worries. So yeah, free version is wonderful to get started with and it, but if you are looking into just using LinkedIn as your number one tool for monetization, then considering LinkedIn premium is excellent because they give you a couple really good feature. Number one is who viewed it your LinkedIn profile, right? Like they give you a whole list of people stalking you on LinkedIn,

which is the most viable leads, right? People that are interested about you. That's why they click and go to your LinkedIn profile and check out who you exactly are, what's your services, what your solution, what's your background, what's your work experience, right? So that is the number one feature that I think is really helpful. The other is with LinkedIn premium,

you can send LinkedIn emails. So for instance, let's say I'm not connected with Crystal on LinkedIn, I'm really interested with working with you or I wanna pitch you right then I can actually send you our short email message to with with a marketing and sale message, selling message there. So LinkedIn premium is pretty good in that way. And last is social selling index score.

I am a huge advocate of really like grow your audience but before doing that it's to making sure you have a healthy LinkedIn social selling index score. You can Google that literally they would tell you a free score. It's like, you know, when you're in high school or middle school, your teacher is giving you the report card and that's exactly what they are offering you and letting you know how well you're doing as a professional to build a professional brand on this platform.

So if you're anything below 60 score, it's actually negatively impact your overall reach on the platform. So making sure you, you really dial in to increase that score. Do you have the link handy? I know I've looked at it before. I do, yeah, I'll I'll put it in the chat. Yeah, Perfect. Yeah cuz I remember I looked mine up,

I don't remember what it was but I feel like it was sort of okay because I sent it to you. Yeah, Okay. This is so, well I've heard people talk about social selling before and so this is the first time I've ever heard about the score. So that's really interesting is, is social selling something that started with LinkedIn? I don't think so,

but I think social selling is, is like a concept where people is using their own brand, their profile, their account to use it for selling, right? And using all social media when it comes to that. So LinkedIn just specifically having a score in place to tell you how to measure how effective you are and establishing your brand, finding the right people,

building relationship, things like that. And they, they just give you a score. But I don't think it started with LinkedIn. Crystal to answer your question, she said below 60 has a negative impact on your LinkedIn. Ooh yeah. Okay. Can I be honest? Yes. It says that my current social selling index is 30 and okay but think About it,

you haven't been on there. Yeah, yeah. Well it says people in my industry tend to have a 38 and people in my network tend to have a 35. So I actually rank in the top 67 to 56%. But it's just interesting cuz I was like ooh, I'm under that, that benchmark that you just gave us. I am too minus 51.

Gotcha. Good Job. Yeah we, we can really easily increase that and I, I love that what Crystal mentioned, right? So when you check your social selling index, LinkedIn give you three data, the number one data is your top industry SSI ranking, which is like, let's say you are in from from, from my standpoint I'm a professional,

I'm in the education professional consulting industry. So I have, they also give you like what's are all the people within that industry have, right as a SSI score ranking. So if your top 1% kudos to you, good job. As for network SSI is where you connect with different people. It's your friends, right? Your friend song, all the friends that you connected with on LinkedIn,

they have what score do they have? So let's say your, you are friends with me, you're connected with me door SSI score is going to be placed against me just because I'm in your network, right? And just because I'm in one of your connection. So that is another percentage that you have. And last but not least is the LinkedIn social selling index.

Well you were talking about how if we were in your network, our score would be kind of compared to your score. Yeah. So it's relative, right? So let's say you, you added me on LinkedIn as a connection then you are my friends and my score is like 90. So your score is going to bit against me. So it's actually,

Yeah. So one in your network, let's say the average SSI score is a little bit higher than you do, then you, you will be ranking based on their score and that's the network ssi that's different from the industry ssi. Yeah. Okay. And then obviously the last one is your current SSI score itself and it's contribute with the four pillars that you see like establishing your personal brand,

finding the right people, fi engaged with insight and building relationship. So I have a question related to those four pillars. Sure. How can we use keywords on LinkedIn in all of the places that we can use them and we can go into that but how can we use keywords to potentially help us boost these rankings? Absolutely love it. So if you really hone in your SEO on LinkedIn,

you can increase your pillar for establish your profession. Part of it is because this as well as finding the right people. So these are the two four, you're like really do a fantastic job. There's so many ways you can do it, but I'll just like highlight three that I think like you can just basically take it away, bite size, you can implement it right away while you're listening to this amazing podcast,

one is your headline. So headline contributes 70% of your SEO on LinkedIn. So let's say you are a c e O of the company. I know it sounds counterintuitive, especially you see so many c o on LinkedIn or founders and stuff like that. Instead of putting that for your headline, which you could make your current headline with something seo. So for instance for mine,

I still have c o and founder of the in s my company. But my current job title is your LinkedIn business strategist. Because when people are googling LinkedIning who could help me using LinkedIn for business, they will search that word and I will be on top of the ranking when someone is Searchie LinkedIn for business business or LinkedIn coach or like anything that it's like regarding to LinkedIn strategy.

So those are the three words that I will be winning. So if you are, let's say Brittany, I'm use you as a perfect example. You're a conversion copywriter, then instead of putting you as the founder of your company, I will put conversion copywriter or B2B copywriter, right? Things that you really want to win SEO and be ranking higher on LinkedIn.

So that's a B is a very, very simple one when it comes to SEO is your work. Sorry, I talk about work experience which is current job title. Second is the headline, right? So similarly with what I'm sharing with you right now with all the keywords, you can use that for your headline as well, which you have 220 characters to be able to basically win your keyword.

So similarly you can use B2B copywriter, conversion copywriter, like literally anything that people is trying to Searchie for. Then use it in your hotline when it comes to SEO. And When you're saying headline like I'm looking on LinkedIn so it's got my name, it's got like the two pictures and it's got my name and then it's got like the chunk of text.

That chunk of text is what we're talking about. Yes, That's the headline. And Then what was the other one that you mentioned? The first? Yeah So the other one is the current job title. So when you all the way down to work experience, the very first one, which is like your most recent work experience, that's the one that you'll be focusing on when it comes to Yeah.

And then the last one, last hack that I have is when you open your LinkedIn account, going to your own profile, LinkedIn give you three really amazing stats, which is called the private to dashboard. And the first step is who viewed your LinkedIn profile. Next is about content impression. The last stats is your SEO number. And not a lot of people know when you click on it you will see all the data who is sort of like the ones that looking at your profile with company job title,

where exactly they located all this stuff, right? So if you do the two tips that I shared with you earlier, you would be able to increase the search appearance number. So search appearance number, it's literally a K A E O on LinkedIn. So that's really incredible And when you go to it you can check oh, oh no. Like that's like some of the things that I do not hit it.

Like let's say I'm a LinkedIn coach, right? Unfortunately I get rank as a career coach and that's exactly not what I want then, which means my seo, the keywords that I'm using on my LinkedIn profile is wrong. Okay. How did I'm, I'm like I'm on LinkedIn, how do you find the, what did you say? The private TU dashboard?

Yeah, so oh, try to screen share. So when you go to your LinkedIn profile, Yeah. And then then you see your banner, everything, right? You stroll down, there's three stats, it's the analytics private queue. Oh I see. Oh okay. So those three numbers, but click the very last one. Oh okay. The search appearances.

Exactly. Okay. And then it's gonna share and then I'm looking for keywords you were found for. Yes. So minus business strategies, LinkedIn educator leadership coach, those are good and you just need to make sure those are the keywords that you wanna rank for. I only am showing up for speaker, Which means we need to do something about it. Yeah,

We do. Tell me Crystal, Okay I'm, I can't find my keywords. So does that mean I don't have any keywords that I'm ranking for? If it just says 17 search appearances but there's no keywords listed. Yeah, so keyword you were found for there's no information, right? Okay. Is that What you're saying? Yeah, I don't need to see that as an option.

Yeah, so which means you, you can like update your LinkedIn headline like I mentioned as well as your current job title. But my, my suggestion is don't edit as c e o or founders or anything but something that is relating to your current job and something that people will be Searchie for looking for you. So how do we figure out some good terms to put?

Because I feel like even with you saying like B2B copywriter, that's not something that's normally in my like everyday lingo. But I know that on LinkedIn that's what they're gonna be looking for because you're so well versed in that world. So like Crystal, what would be something for you? Like the audits or Oh well because I'm trying to, you know, add that Google certification of UX researcher,

I put that in there. Ux. Yeah, I think UX is a big thing on LinkedIn. People are Searchie often for like user experience. I think UX itself, product manager, right? Like all those would be some of the search work. I think it's more tied to what you're offering, right? Like for instance Brittany, for you it would be sales page or you would help people with launches let's say then I would put like copywriter for like marketing launches or like for course creator,

things like that. Then that would be some of the keywords that you would love to be found for. Yeah. Got it. And I've seen some people where they just have like the vertical slash mark and the, it seems like they just put keywords in their headline. That's fine. Is that a good idea or is it better to like write for the person that's reading it?

Yeah, so I have my own formula that I give it to my clients that you guys could practically just use it the very first couple of like letters. It should be very similar to what shared it's your current job. So for instance, mine will be your LinkedIn business strategist to begin with. The reason why I'm planning this is because when people are struggling through Newsweek,

that's the first thing that people is going to see. So instead of having like what people call the niche statement or mission statement or whatever like that different P names that people are saying, I don't like that because then things will be cut off half the way but instead have the very short three to four works, three to five words to describe who you exactly are and then you can add the mission statement.

So for instance, mine is like creating a personal brand that people wanted to follow, convert connection into customers. That's it, right? And that's my mission statement. And then later would be the slash work that Brittany is mentioning, like one or two keywords that is really ties to you. So for instance, I also wanna rank all as a keynote speaker and corporate trainers,

right? So I put those two at the back of that and then last but not least, I think it's just so special for LinkedIn right now nowadays to build a personal brand. And it is amazing If you can just add something a little bit more what I call U usp, unique selling point of yours. So Maya is like, you know, coffee plus ice cream lover,

some of my clients is like writer by or by by day, singer by night. Something like special or a twin mom of two. Something that you know, people will be like, oh that's an interesting profile, I wanna connect with this person. So that sounds kind of like a more personal like sharing about your personality or your life, like really getting you into that headline.

Absolutely Love it. Crystal, go. Okay, so as you're saying all of this, I think it's really important that we establish something for anybody who's listening right now because I think that if you're listening you're probably like, okay this all sounds good and you know, maybe I'll, I'll even try it, but why should people listen to you? Because we haven't really talked about that.

Oh yeah, no we have it. Remember when you're, you guys are going to lead into that. But I would just like go with the flow. Love it. I think, I think there are so many things that I think people would love to hire me as a coach, but I think my most happy credential is I used to work for the platform.

So it's, to me it's like really self explanatory that you know it. When I'm wanted to teach LinkedIn, I'm really working in the marketing solution teaching different like Fortune 500, a thousand companies to really use LinkedIn for their food, food advantage when it comes to using LinkedIn for marketing. And so, so selling. So there's no better place to learn LinkedIn through the in academy.

That's I would say my strongest credential when it comes to that. I definitely agree and I'm also gonna say before we get to Crystal's question that I've been on the back end of Selena's business and I've seen the sales pages, I've seen the, the copy, I've heard all of her advice, not all of it, but much of it. And you really care about helping people like Crystal and me who are like,

yeah that sounds like a cool place to go hang out but I have no clue what to do. Like Selena is your person. Thank you, thank you. Yeah and I, I think there's so many people out there that offer LinkedIn strategies, which which I love like because I'm, I, I'm like obviously super biased in terms of loving the platform,

but I think what really cut through the noises between us like in academy, our team and the other people is that we really truly cares for for our clients. And I want LinkedIn as a platform that works for them, not the other way around. Not to sort of like mole in the boxes that it's like oh LinkedIn algorithm change like it, it pushes tax posts.

Okay now all do tax posts only but we are differently, like our business are so special, we all have our own D n A, it should be the how the platform is going to work for you and your business and that that's how I see everything else for other social media platform as well. Christo. Yeah and I wanted, I wanted to make sure we said that because I'm over here like while you're telling us this,

I'm going to my LinkedIn profile and I'm making these changes and I'm so excited because I'm like oh my gosh, like somebody who knows what they're talking about is telling us exactly what to do. And then I realized, I was like, oh wow, you know, the first thing I realized is number one, people may not understand why we're so excited.

Yeah. You know, and why we're implementing this right now because like Selena knows what she's talking about, she's been on the inside and now she's sharing it with everybody, which is great. And the other thing I was thinking about is hearing you talk about LinkedIn, hearing you talk about LinkedIn is like probably what people who are not familiar with seo Yeah.

Feel like when we talk about seo because I'm like where do I start? You know, I mean there's so many bubbles going on. That Is so True. Yeah, a hundred percent. And and why is it so important, right? Because we're so, so in the weeds of it and we know how powerful it is. If you really like focusing on your SEO for,

for both of you, right? Like dial in in your podcast learning all those amazing juice tips that you can right away implement. And similarly for LinkedIn, I think a lot of people, I mean to me is a totally black course for a lot of different platform because when people think about social media, they think about other like you know, meta Facebook,

formally Instagram now TikTok, right? Twitter or any other places. But to me LinkedIn is is a perfect place to do monetization because of three statistic. One is there's only 5.2 per percent of people are creating content on a weekly basis, which means the rest of it, 94.8% are lurkers. Imagine a business owner really consuming your marketing pro a marketing message and it's completely for free.

You don't need to place the ads in front of c e o of a Fortune 500, a thousand companies. What is a better place than LinkedIn than here, right? And secondly, platform have been growing year on year in terms of how many our content as well as like newsfeeds activity. I don't have a specific number right here on top of my mind but that's like how the growth rate is,

which means people see the potential of this platform to grow and there's more people like spending more time here than other social media. And last but not least is how LinkedIn's the most trusted social media platform compare with all the other places. So if you are building your brand, especially you're a small business owner, your no light and trust is your most viable and most important social currency for you,

right? And having people knowing you super important so that you can let people know who you are, what you're offering. Like if people don't like you, they won't buy from you, right? Nope. Unless at least if they don't trust you it will never become your client. So there's no better place than using LinkedIn. It's already like a such a trusted platform.

No one can lie about going to Harvard or they are like some sort of li billionaire because all your credential is there. It's very rarely for someone to lie live using LinkedIn profile. Okay so the next thing I have to ask about, Oh wait, you, before you do that, can I make a point about where she was just talking about and it's gonna be really quick just because before we like jump ship and go somewhere else,

one thing that you've talked about, Selena has been using LinkedIn as a sales page for your business and when you said that it blew my mind because people will put different roadblocks in front of them and one of them might be I don't have a website or I don't have this or I don't have a network. And really if you put this to use and I've seen this by working with you,

it is incredible how your profile turns into a sales page for your business. So I just wanted to point that out. Okay I'm done. No I love it because I got a lot of like small business owner, some actually are still like working for nine to five corporates and they are using LinkedIn as the sales page for their side business side hustle. And it's incredible because you can drive so many website traffic initially cuz I know SEO takes a little bit time to build,

right? Like once you built like three months, six months, amazing. It's amazing numbers. It's you can hit four digit very easily after that. But LinkedIn you can actually hit four digit just by creating content online and building an amazing LinkedIn profile just for your first month. Imagine that a thousand eyeballs on you using LinkedIn as your sales page and you move those people the content through your profile directly to your sales page,

directly to your application form directly to download your freebees, any most important social action you want them to take in order to get into your digital ozone. LinkedIn's really a great place to be. All right Crystal, you're off. Okay, so what I was gonna say is, you know the other side of SEO that's important in my opinion is creating content.

And so I'm wondering from your perspective like what do you think is the best way to go about creating content and what type of content should someone create to have the biggest impact on LinkedIn? Yeah, I love that. I wanna like break it down to two parts cuz I know creating content, it's not very simple for a lot of people. Like I'm coming from a marketing background creating content,

it seems really easy for right? But I still struggle with it like you know, let's say consistency or like what you put sometimes or you, you don't feel creative, right? So let's, let me tackle the ones that you know, you're tuning in and you're like, oh my gosh I don't have any marketing SEO background, where should I start?

I will start with you, I'll start with what's your content specialties. When I mention that is three things, whether you are a graphic designer and then creating content that like graphic driven, you can make carousel, which is equals to document posts on LinkedIn, you can make infographics, things like that. A really good example is Liz and Molly, I think she did this amazing graphics about,

you know, she's a career sort of like strategist and she talked about you know, using different graphics. I can, I can send it to you guys later and she just like sort of like blowed up on LinkedIn as well as other social media platform with that. Next is whether you are a writer, if you're a writer by trade, you can use text posts to sort of like express yourself.

You can do LinkedIn article, LinkedIn news newsletter. You can do a lot of stuff just using text, right? If you are like me, I love expressing myself using video. You're a public speaker by tray, you, you're not camera shy. Maybe consider using video to sort of express yourself. I would start with this and then from there, because the things that you are doing now with this content,

it sparked you joy, it makes you don't felt like you're forced to do something that you don't want. You can make it happen for you by doing this consistent consistently and showing up for your audience weekly basis and don't fill in forced to do something that you don't want. So that I would start with this and then from there you choose your format and then choose sort of like things that you wanna talk about with with pillars.

So that's the first one When it comes to seo, LinkedIn it's great because I know for Instagram it's all about shortform content. TikTok for sure, shortform content, LinkedIn, you can do it in both. So you have short form content, which is your content that is on your newsfeed for around it goes actually 24 hours is the most important hours when I'm explaining to my clients when it comes to engagement.

But it's actually last for five to seven days on someone's news feed if you constantly engage with it, which is fantastic. Whereas like for for the, for the life cycle or the life she, for Instagram it's like 24 hours and it's gone, right? So it's very, very short span for for the lifespan when it comes to that. But LinkedIn have that and also LinkedIn article.

LinkedIn article, it's exactly how you rank on SEO when it comes to Medium, which is another like block platform and also your own website for blocks when it comes to block or WordPress, right? So it, it's the same algorithm when someone is trying to search for those keyword to learn like let's say how I can optimize my LinkedIn profile from z H to Z,

right? And then I have a LinkedIn article with this and also a block article and you got ranked twice and you don't necessarily need to change anything and it's a really easy and low hanging fruit. If you are ready, like listening to you ladies learning about seo, building your block using website, duplicate that and use it on LinkedIn as well because that would be a live spent shout for you at least three to even a whole year that people are still discovering you as well as discovering your content on LinkedIn.

Yeah, perfect. Okay, so you read, you read our minds, we're over here in the chat having this conversation because both of us wanted to know about this. So are you saying I could copy, copy the copy over to an article on LinkedIn and I have a follow up question to this, but are you saying we just put the copy on there and let it be its own post or should we shrink it and then drive them to the rest of our blog post?

Or like how do we, how do we play articles correct. Or create an article? Yeah, I, I don't think you need to like create an article specifically for LinkedIn because like I shared the, an algorithm and, and the Google search function are very, very similar when it comes to that. But you can easily find a link like a article on LinkedIn that talking about that topic and you can be be found on Google,

right? So that's, I hope I, I explained this well in terms of that and when it comes to Brittany question whether it is to like let's say it is a actually really good good idea, which I also recommend my clients but I wouldn't recommend to start off with that. So you mentioned there's two ways, right? One is like copy pasting your block directly,

which is what I would recommend anyone should do starting off on LinkedIn. One like just to create some content and you already have like 2050 block content already to blast and do it on LinkedIn. Just copy paste, you know, do do whatever you are doing on WordPress or your own block. Similarly, perfect. Next is to have it what I love to say,

just a trailer of your blog. Absolutely you can do that. I would recommend doing it later because I still want your audience to thought like oh this person just keep providing value. I love reading Crystal and Brittany's blog, let me just continue following her. And then when you do warm up your audience, which is the number one mistake that a lot of people don't do when it comes to growing any type of social media,

not just LinkedIn, right? Warm up the audience, just give, give, give before you take. Then you can do the trailer tips which is like you show them the most juiciest tips, right? Just like what we said, how, why so, so selling index score is so important. Here's the five ways you can just quickly jumpstart and boost your score and then you cut it right there and say read the powerful articles here and then you make a link and link it back to your website and that's extremely powerful to drive traffic from LinkedIn to there.

Okay, so perfect. So just to like reshare this, don't necessarily start with doing articles, start with just putting content out on LinkedIn and then once you start doing articles, just copy paste the blog articles that you already have that are performing well and give the whole blog over in an article on LinkedIn and then you can graduate to just doing like a trailer the teaser and linking back to your blog.

Okay. Do we need to worry about images with articles? I think, I think it's like super similar to your blog, right? Like you, you sort of do need to break up the text, don't like to read a thousand or a 1,600 word of article whole chunk. So similarly like just making sure you have like pictures in between as well as your banner image which is equals to your thumbnails is sort of like something very easy for people to know what they are,

what is the in for them to read that article. Got it. Crystal. Okay, so I'm choked up over here Selena, I'm not kidding. I dunno if you her Reacting, She's so excited. Yeah, I'm so excited because a lot of times on a website, you know, just different articles don't rank or they don't get indexed or they're,

they just don't do well and nobody really ever sees them. So it's exciting to think that if you have been a content creator and you've, you've done all the things that people say where it's like create weekly, you know, and you know keep doing consistent content and you're like I have all this content that no one's ever seen. It's like you can put it on a place where a lot of people are going to see it.

So if you have good content that really hasn't gotten a lot of great exposure, it sounds like LinkedIn is the perfect place to really build up your authority. And then the question that I had related to this is like when you share an article on Twitter, which is one of the main reasons why I share my articles to my Twitter account is because I had heard that there was like a relationship there between ranking and indexing and you know,

between Twitter and Google, if you do something like that on your LinkedIn page, is there an advantage? Is there a, a SEO or Google advantage to sharing your blog via LinkedIn? Absolutely. So I have a perfect example of one of the article that I ranked so high that, but I actually placed it on LinkedIn, not Google and it gave,

gave me so much traffic to my website and that's the article is about like what's the, what's the difference between LinkedIn block article versus posting LinkedIn posts. So as long as you have things that it's very, very special that you can, like you said, build a voice of authority, really using LinkedIn as a perfect source to drive extra traffic to the most important areas for your business.

Whether it's your sales page, whether it's your website, whether it's your freebie is really good. Another thing that I wanna mention is like I think I shared with Brittany A. Long time ago is that Google is changing in terms of their own algorithm when it comes to people search. So they're going to rank people people first content I think it's called. Oh helpful Content.

Helpful content, yeah. Yeah. So yeah, we'll Link to that one. Yeah, so Google new mission is to really help people with helpful content that is provided by creators. That is people first content will come first, which is incredible. Like imagine if LinkedIn it's supporting that Twitter is supporting that, which means if you're just like copy pasting your block,

you are creating that articles to be seen by more people when people are Searchie for it, right? Rather than like some, some sort of like big tech giants or like a marketing or agency giant, just basically trying to place a ad word on top of the search but instead it would be shown in focusing on people first, content people that it's made by people and consumed by people,

Which is why it's important to write for people but kind of keep the robots in mind. That's what I like to think of. Yeah, you had another question, right? Crystal? Your hand's still up? Oh is it still up? I didn't mean for it to be still up, but I think, I think you, you did kind of answer it but at the same time I,

as I think about this whole thing of LinkedIn articles, is there a LinkedIn article and a LinkedIn blog or is it just one or the other? There's only LinkedIn article but there's also another feature that they are helping creators with. It's called LinkedIn newsletter. So you can create it, it's like an ecosystem to host all the articles, right? So let's say,

and it's, it's great if you have like a huge falling on LinkedIn or you are saying something in a very specific niche. So for example, one of my clients is a bitcoin, a macroeconomics economist and he, he's an expert in talking about that specifically and he have a newsletter with very niche people following him and Gotcha. He'll have a newsletter of people subscribing to his newsletter and he will do like biweekly articles regarding to like the most updated bitcoin and macroeconomics updates,

trends, what's going on with the current news. And he would do that with a biweekly manner and on top of it when people subscribing it, they would get notification within LinkedIn app also directly to their email, which is incredible. So it's like operating like a newsletter for, for your designated email marketing without the marketing tool you don't need to have a MailChimp,

you don't have to have anything but using LinkedIn for new newsletter. That is so true. Oh my gosh I just that alone you really don't need anything else. If you can go to LinkedIn first, man I wish I had known this Now you do You Selena. Yeah, you're right now especially For both of yours. Like it's so niche and I know a lot of people are so into SEO on LinkedIn,

you know like the niche it is the better it's for LinkedIn and if you could just sort of like repurpose some of your amazing podcast show which which is amazing to to sort of like show notes on your on link as an article and package it as the ecosystem of newsletter every time when you launch a new show that could become your LinkedIn newsletter to be sort of like push it to your audience and letting them know hey our podcast show is up,

it's live now check it out, this is our show notes. Things like that. Yeah. Oh man that's incredible. Okay, so do you still have some time? Are we good? Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Okay. I block out extra time for this. Okay. I should have warn you some of these conversations just keep on going and we also keep on asking questions so thank you.

How often should we try to post? Is there an ideal number of times per week? Yeah, so love my question first of all cause LinkedIn is really changing all the time. Previously like last year I'll recommend to post every single day. Now it's actually 18 hours as a perfect timing to post. So let's say you post after 18 hours, oh sorry you post before 18 hours bef compare with your previous post,

your reach will be being punished by both of the posts so they wouldn't be pushing further. So that would some of the things that be ticking knock, but ultimately to me, I always recommend anybody just starting out don't go a hundred percent with everything that you do. Making sure it's like something that you can stick with the plan, right? And you can consistently doing it and that's the long,

long term game for everyone to build a really successful personal brand online. So if you are committed to use LinkedIn as your number one monetization tool, I'm so happy you are doing it. Then just stick with one frequency that you feel very comfortable with. Majority of the ones that I recommend my clients to start with is just twice per week. Okay. And choose the date that you feel very like comfortable with showing online.

Whether it's like Tuesday, Thursday or it's like Wednesday, Friday, right? Like days that you, it's not your client day or it's like the days that you feel most creative with starting with that. And then if you can stick it for four to six weeks then you can start ramping up your frequency because the more that you ramping up your frequency of posting,

of course more likely you'll grow your followers faster. Your traffic, your LinkedIn traffic or profile views is going to increase everything else that we talk about today. Like SEO number, search appearance, SSI score, everything else will be increased as well because you are more active on on the platform. So that's how I would go About it. That is perfect.

And I feel like it's also like I don't know what it is about me and I can't be the only one that feels like this but when an expert is like don't like go all in like slowly scale, I'm like oh thank goodness you said that. Yeah, exactly. Because it's not adorable. Like it's not, don't like people saying like, oh okay yeah 18 hours is like the perfect sweet spot for you to post.

And then they really manually taking a look off the whole Monday to Sunday and like, oh calculate, oh after 18 hours I post this, oh then I need to post nine polls to maximize all the eyeballs. And I was like before wherever that's starting out, it's just not realistic. Right? Yeah. So go back to the fundamentals of what I said make the platform works for you,

right? Yeah. Not the other way around. It doesn't make any sense for you to fit your business when all the changing of algorithm, right? Including like, you know, Instagram reels, that's like what they're focusing on and then you just force yourself to show up online through video. It's not going to like make it, make it last, you know,

it's not a strategy that you can continue. Yeah, definitely. I mean it, it totally leads to burnout. Like I love reels but still I need to like take a break from it and that's fine and then when I post them people are still like, I love your reels. And I went, someone told me that this week and I was like that's really flattering.

When did I post one last and I think it was like two weeks ago. Yeah. I was like that's awesome. But yeah, no it's just not, it's not sustainable to dive in headfirst and keep going and I know that because that's sometimes what I tend to do. Okay, so before we get, do you have any other questions Crystal? Cuz I was,

I was gonna ask like a couple final ones. No I don't have another question, but what I would like to do is, you know, after we kind of figure out our plan for the podcast on LinkedIn Yeah. And start implementing some of these things that Selena's done, I'd love to have you back, you know, and you know, we could all discuss,

you know, just the applications of what we've learned here, you know what I mean? I mean of course obviously, but you could give us a, a little bit of a reflection on some of the stuff that we've improved. Yeah, of course. Yeah, I think if I can wrap up in terms of the top five things you should be focusing for,

anybody that's starting off is going to your private two dashboard, the three data that we mentioned, right? The profile views, the content impression, which is like just by posting it will already help you. The SEO number which we already talk about are those, those two tips earlier. These are the three things, three metrics perform a mattress you should be focused on,

not your followers. I know it's like completely against everybo. Everyone's that is teaching you on social media. The other is in terms of se social selling index score, which is the performance metrics you should be focusing on. And last but not least, it's just really making sure your, your LinkedIn profile is fully filled up, right? Like from headline summary cover,

photo, your profile pictures, everything else on your LinkedIn profile is just getting complete. It will already help you so much in hitting three, four digit for your LinkedIn profile traffic, your visits. I love it. Thank you. That was one of the questions I was gonna ask you. Okay. So those are the easy low-hanging fruit to focus on if you're wanting to like Crystal and I go over and dominate on LinkedIn.

So something that we normally ask toward the beginning of, of the episode that I didn't ask at the beginning. So we're just gonna head it on to the end is how do you, and there's no wrong answer, how do you think of or define seo? Ooh, That's a great question And there's no wrong answer. We've had everyone say everything. I think I might have the worst answer when it comes to that.

No, it's not possible. Ooh. Like what comes to mind? I think it has changed so much, but I would say it's like the most important thing is the keywords that people are Searchie you for. That's like how I see s SEO comes in and it is just so interconnected with everything that you from, you know, Google, which everyone are talking about,

but that's not the case. It's also other social media platform. Like today we talk about LinkedIn, we also mentioned Twitter. I know for Instagram it's also have its own SEO and TikTok as well. So I think it's like a whole ecosystem and it's really interconnected. So as long as you are really clear in terms of some of the keywords that you really wanna win throughout the entire digital ecosystem,

then that's SEO chimi. That is a perfect answer. Oh is it? Yeah, you get a hundred, you get eight plus plus plus. Mic drop. Don't break it. My Drop, I know this, this is too heavy to drop, but that was amazing. I like that half ball by the way, We have matching ones. My Have Oh,

that's so Cute. And I think it's so funny, I I know I'm, I'm going say this and then I'm gonna Regret it. She gonna Go there. I'm gonna say Regret. I know it's happening. It's White. I'm white. She has the black one. Thank for Brown. I need to get a yellow one. I know. I'm gonna have to paint mine like with a strike down the middle Is really good.

It's so crisp. Like voice of the, the sound and audio quality is amazing. Thank you. I love, I was looking at getting a mic like yours and I was gonna get that foam cover for it because they, they call this I guess like a spit guard or a wind guard or something. I don't know, Filter. Who was wondering what is that filter?

Pop filter. There you go. Yeah, so it it, it just, you know, it makes me look professional and sound even more professional. So they have like the foam covers for the one like yours? Yeah, Yeah. The the pop filter. Like I have one and I really need to bring it back. I don't know if it helps with the Ss,

but my ss on the podcast, I'm like, oh I could just, you Know, I'm gonna try to say s now I'll just keep saying s like Selena and S But it, it's supposed to be those hard sounds like the buzz and the, you know, it, it takes out that you know, hard edge to those consonants Crystal did anybody ever tell you you have a radio voice?

She really does. Right? Oh my gosh, thank you. Really well and also like for some reason it's just so, so, so comfortable to hear. Yeah, Very nice. Well thank you. You should hear my husband's voice. I don't think I've ever heard John talk. Oh he is an amazing speaker. Wait, need to have Him on the podcast.

You guys should do a podcast together so people could just like, you know, listening. I was like, oh it's like listening to radio. Yeah, we've, we've joked about doing it because he's like a sports fanatic and I mean like fanatic. Yeah but I used to be an athlete too about a hundred pounds ago, so. Oh, stop it.

Yeah, we've talked about possibly doing a sports Do it, do it. I think it's like I, I used to, I I told Brittany I used to have a podcast show and I think the most interesting statistic that we realized like the tips and shows, sorry, the tips episode is really, really popular. People will just basically send message and ask you questions but the ones that actually have the most sort of like people want to take social action is the ones that you talk about you,

you talk about your, your stories and I think it's really interesting to know that your podcasters really wanted to know the, the behind the scene of you operating as an entrepreneur, operating as a owner. So I think that would be really interesting. And I think Brittany you should bring your, your boyfriend here too. I know we'll just have like a group of episode with everybody and the dogs and the kids and everything.

Yeah. Here comes Desi. Okay, so I forgot before we sign off here and give everybody your links and everything, what about LinkedIn Live? You know, I was gonna podcast live or something. I mean what is that a good idea right now LinkedIn? Absolutely, Absolutely. I know a lot of people do that. I used to do like weekly LinkedIn live and it gives me so much leads that I have to stop and now I'm doing monthly and it's just amazing because again it's,

it's very similar to Instagram story where, sorry Instagram live where people can hop in and hop on. But the thing is I felt like the attention span for LinkedIn people it's a little bit longer. Oh when I mentioned that, obviously I'm a little, little bit like biased but I do feel so because I felt like Instagram is just like, I think it's also the UX but for LinkedIn you can really like pop it up for the entire screen to take a look of you and then they can ask questions.

The interaction is really good. They really have sort of like the entire user design. I actually need to ask Crystal whether it's better but you know the entire UX design it's like better to sort of like invite you to engage throughout the entire conversation And it's also be shown not just on your newsfeed but also if let's say you're visiting my pro right at the spot that I'm doing live during like Wednesday,

every first Wednesday at 9:00 AM eastern time, then my banner will change to my LinkedIn live. So which is incredible. So automatically, Yeah, Automatically once you go on live. So that's what's really, that is one of the feature that I think is really amazing and the best part is obviously I'm doing it through Streamy Yard. I know there's also Restream,

there's a couple like third party streaming tool. You can do that by streaming on LinkedIn as a main platform, stream it together with YouTube streaming to Facebook as well, not Instagram however. So you can basically repurpose it the same content and download it and use it as your podcast, use it as interview, sort of like recording and also stay on your news screen as one pieces of content as well.

That's amazing. That's what I was thinking we should do when we have the follow up we could probably double record it somehow is like stream it on LinkedIn, maybe not on your profile so you don't get bombarded with leads. Yeah, we'll take, we'll take those leads off your hands, Don't you worry Selena, Yes do it, do it, do it.

You can also like invite people pre like earlier, like make it as an event where Instagram you can, right, you can only like sort of tell people that you're on your story but you can actually ask people, invite them to attend your event and then once you go live LinkedIn will notify them that Brittany and Crystal is live right now. Go and check it out and then drive more people to to to to you.

And it's just great to like invite new audiences to your own Zoom. Yeah. Yeah. I'll have to, you're making me remember that Lorianne, another guest we had, I'll link to her show. She also has, I think it's a weekly LinkedIn live that she does with another friend so I'll make sure to grab those links and put them in here.

But for you, where can people go hang out with you and get free stuff and just hang out with you? Yeah, of course LinkedIn, DM E if you have any questions regarding to today's episode. I know we covered so much today but I'm pretty sure Christo and Brittany is going to like list it so in a structured manner and organize the matter so it's really easy for you to follow through and implement like what,

like I said, whatever that you learn from podcasts is amazing but without Implementa implementation it's nothing. So making sure you do that. So DME on LinkedIn, if you are interested to start really building in like an incredible powerful personal brand using the power of LinkedIn, go ahead and check out the ww dot the in I have an ultimate LinkedIn profile checklist for you,

which you can print it, it's a one page literally you can check off the list exactly what you need to do to rank hire on SEO social selling index score as well as drive more traffic to your LinkedIn profile. And as you all know, I'm your LinkedIn gal, so I have my own setting trail LinkedIn program as well, which I work amazingly for with Brittany.

Brittany help me with all the amazing conversion copy so I'm couldn't be more grateful. Check out the personal brand boss to start with, which is level one. Level two is about content conversion system, which we talk about very lightly today about how to create content that builds demand for your business. So check to those courses out to start your LinkedIn journey. Can't wait to support you every step of your way.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. And I gotta say that's actually your free download is how you and I connected because I somehow found you downloaded your guide and then we started a conversation actually in Instagram dms, which is where I hang out most often. But you were so supportive. I was like this girl, I like her. And then you know,

lo and behold we end up working together with your sales pages and SEO and now you're on the podcast and now we're going to like go take over LinkedIn. Yeah, go dominate LinkedIn again. 5.2% of people creating on this platform, there's really no better place to start. Last year's 3%. So it's going to keep going higher and higher. So if you're looking into really dominates a social media platform,

there's really no better place. Like to me that's like to me like Facebook in 2021, 2012, right. To to be the first line. To really hit the first wave before everything just explode. Totally. Thank you so much. You dropped so much knowledge. People are gonna have to listen to this like four times. I know. I'm gonna have to listen.

I know. I can't wait to listen to it over and over again. We're gonna be responsible for like 40% of the downloads. Does it count? I'm actually intrigued. Is it like one download? Does it specifically tell you as like a unique download or like you download twice? It's contribute to, I'm actually not sure. I think it counts everyone,

but that's a good question. I think it counts everyone. Yeah. It doesn't tell you who finds it, it tells you what platforms they listen on. Yeah. It's so fun to go back and look at the data. But do you know something? I don't know, maybe Crystal. No, I think it's something that we can check on, you know,

to find like a definitive answer. But from what I understand, you know, every download is unique no matter if it's the same user. So, we'll, we can double check that though and get back With you. Yeah, you know what? There's a way that I know that that's gotta be true. Our private podcast, one of our episodes has like 13 downloads,

but we don't have 13 subscribers, so Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it, it counts every listen as a download. Yeah. Oh, That's awesome. But We can confirm for sure. Yeah, no, I'm just like curious, like, you know, I'm always wanna learn new things and I think that's, that's something interesting to me. Yeah.

Yeah. Awesome, Fun. Thanks for joining us today. If you like this info, subscribe before you go so you never miss out on something related to seo. See you next time.

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