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How to Use the Pinterest Browser Plugin: 3 Easy Steps

The Pinterest Browser Plugin is a tool that allows you to pin content from websites with ease. Whether you are browsing the internet or working on one of your social media pages, this plugin will make it simple for you to save any images and articles to your "pinterest board." It's easy-to-use functionality will allow you to schedule pins up to five days in advance! This blog post talks about how to use the Pinterest browser plug-in so that you can start using it today!


How to Use the Pinterest Browser Plugin:



Step One: Install the Google Pinterest Save Button.

  • Click on three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser
  • Click on "more tools" and then "extensions".
  • Search for the Pinterest save button. Install!

Step Two: add content from websites you visit with the Pinterest Save Button Chrome extension.

  • Click on the Pinterest logo at the top of your Google Chrome Window.
  • If not visible, click the "puzzle piece" icon and select it.
  • If visible but "grayed out", click the icon and it will ask you to refresh the browser window.

Step 3: Choose the images from the page that you would like to pin from your site

  • and Pin them to Pinterest using the Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension!
  • That's it! You've done it! Now do it again on another page of your website!

When you're ready to level it up, don't forget a featured picture with text overlay on your blog!

This makes your graphics "Pinterest-ready!"

And double-check your "exit links" after you save - make sure all links are working properly!

I know that you might be a little intimidated by the process of setting up your business on Pinterest, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

This browser extension is designed to save hours and hours of time when creating your account and organizing your boards. If even this isn’t enough help for you, don't worry!

- Go to your favorite website and pin images by clicking on the "pin it" button in one of the corners of an image.

Let's get pinning!!

This is my favorite way to build out your boards with your own content!

See the above links for how to use the browser plugin. It's simple! Good luck and happy marketing!

Crystal Waddell, your helpful content expert!

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Crystal Waddell is a Pinterest expert and marketing strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. Crystal started her own company in 2013 and went full-time with it in 2021. Her mission is to help other online business owners grow their website traffic and revenue through Pinterest Marketing and strategic SEO. Each month Crystal hosts a hands-on workshop for business owners who want to learn to use Pinterest effectively for their businesses. For more tips on growing your business with Pinterest and SEO, check out or follow @pinshopify on instagram!


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