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Pinterest for Ecommerce: Shopify Subscription Box Case Study

by Crystal Waddell on Jul 13, 2022

Pinterest Business Account Case Study

Pinterest Business Accounts have the potential to provide large amounts of referral traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses of all sizes to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and sales.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the first of three case studies of Shopify stores that have seen success with their Pinterest business accounts.

Pinterest case study one features a book subscription box.

This company began their Pinterest journey with little to no knowledge about creating boards.

We showed our client how to create her own boards that would showcase her products to her target audience.

One of the biggest advantages of the Pinterest platform over other platforms?

The Pinterest Verified Merchant Program. We will discuss that, too!

Our first case study was a part of the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program.

Let's dive in to this Case study, which, spoiler alert: was an early, huge success!

Our Pinterest Business Account Case Study One: Shopify Subscription Box Online Store

If you already use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, discover your next audience on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for online retailers.

A study by found that "Buyable pins" improved performance for ecommerce store Fly Away Blue Jay:

  • 2x increase in traffic to their site per year.

  • 3x increase in sales per year.

  • 22x more mobile referrals from Pinterest than any other platform.

In this blog post series, we will take a look at three case studies from Shopify handmade or solopreneur stores that have had success with Pinterest business accounts.

Collage and

Handmade Shopify Store

Subscription Box Seller Store

Should you include the Verified Merchant Program as part of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

The Pinterest Verified Merchant program gives you access to a huge audience: the global Pinterest audience - for FREE!

The Pinterest Verified Merchant program allows store owners to verify their eCommerce site on Pinterest.

Verified merchants receive a blue checkmark that indicate the store is "Pinterest-approved" and extends an extra layer of trust to the brand.

This program gives store owners access to certain tools and resources that can help them drive traffic and conversions from the social media platform.

In order to be Verified, store owners must submit an application and be approved by Pinterest.

Once Verified, they can then create Shoppable pins, which are essentially product pins that include price information and a link back to the product page on their site.

Product pins sync automatically every 24 hours from a Shopify store to a Pinterest account, so the catalog offerings remain up to date with no extra work on the part of a Shopify store owner.

Advantages of the Verified Merchant Program For Your Pinterest Account

There are a number of advantages to being Verified on Pinterest as an eCommerce store owner.

First, it helps to build trust with potential customers.

Seeing that your store is Verified by Pinterest lets shoppers know that you're a legitimate business and not some fly-by-night operation.

Second, Verified merchant status gives you access to certain tools and resources that can help you drive traffic and conversions from the platform.

Finally, Verified Merchants also get preferential treatment in the form of higher placement in search results and more exposure in the Pinterest Smart Feed.

Drawbacks of the Verified Merchant Program for ecommerce sellers

There are pros and cons of all social media platforms, and I cant lie: the search engine that is Pinterest takes time to send more traffic to your website.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using the Verified Merchant program.

First, it requires an application process, which can be time-consuming and may not result in approval.

This step is easily navigated by Shopify sellers as the process is nearly seamless. You simply need to have simple policy pages in place. You can read all about the requirements for the Pinterest Verified Merchant program in this article.

Second, once you're Verified, there's no guarantee that your pins will actually be seen by anyone.

In order to get the most exposure for your Shoppable pins, you'll need to put in the work to promote them and get them in front of potential customers.

We will discuss this in the subscription box case study.

Where are you sending your Pinterest traffic?

Our Pinterest case study focused on sending traffic to existing landing pages, new blog posts, and list-building pages.

If you're thinking about using the Verified Merchant program to promote your Shopify store on Pinterest, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure you have a well-optimized website that's mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

Second, take the time to fill out your application thoroughly and be honest about your store's traffic and conversion metrics.

Finally, once you're approved, be prepared to put in the work to drive traffic and conversions from the platform.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

In fact, Shopify stores that use Pinterest have seen an average of a 50% increase in traffic!

If you're not using Pinterest yet, or if you are but aren't seeing the results you want, check out these case studies from three businesses that have had great success with Pinterest.

You might just find the inspiration you need to take your Pinterest game up a notch!

The following are three case studies of Shopify stores that have used the Pinterest Verified Merchant program to drive traffic and sales.

Pinterest analytics, Case Study 1:

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share and discover new interests by posting and viewing images.

The site has been growing in popularity, particularly among ecommerce stores.

While many online retailers are hesitant to invest time and resources into Pinterest, a recent case study of a successful ecommerce store shows that the platform can be a valuable tool for driving traffic and sales.

The store, which sells subscription box services for a specific niche, began using Pinterest Analytics to track its performance on the site.

Pinterest Business Account as we optimized for Pinterest search

We recently had the pleasure of working with a Pinterest Business account that was in need of some help with their keyword research.

After diving into their analytics, we quickly realized that they were not utilizing nearly enough relevant keywords in their pin or their boards.

Keyword research is the foundation of Pinterest SEO.

As a result, their pins were not appearing in search nearly as often as they should have been.

After doing some research, we compiled a list of high-traffic keywords that were relevant to their business.

We then created new pins and updated the titles and descriptions of the Pinterest boards to include these keywords.

Within just a few weeks, we saw a significant increase in the number of impressions and clicks their pins were getting.

This case study just goes to show how important keyword research is for Pinterest marketing!

Initial Pinterest account statistics

Starting analytics before starting Pinterest Marketing

The account had 1 follower, 32 monthly impressions, and followed 5 accounts.

The boards were a mixture of personal public facing and business account related topics.

Recommendations to improve the Pinterest account included the following.

For successful Pinterest marketing, make everything on your profile about your client - not your business.
  • Hide/archive entrepreneur Boards.

  • Pin articles found on google supporting related content.

  • Add website and product pages to Pins to lead to website landing pages.

  • Create 10-15 Boards based on keyword research.

Recommendations for client led, on-site optimization:

  • Create 6-9 SEO optimized blog posts.

  • Brainstorm 6-9 Video Ideas to upload natively to Pinterest.

  • Brainstorm 6-9 "Idea" Pins to upload natively to Pinterest.

Timeline for Pinterest marketing project: 6 weeks. Start date: May 1, 2021.

Pinterest Case Study Findings:

  • After just one month, the store saw a significant increase in impressions on Pinterest.

  • Including keywords within Pinterest boards and descriptions increased visibility on Pinterest by 11,000% in just one month!

Results from our first Pinterest case study: Implementing related keywords and content methods.

This case study demonstrates that when used effectively, Pinterest can be a powerful tool for driving sales and growth for an ecommerce business.

Although impressions do not equal site traffic, Pinterest is still a valuable resource for businesses that want to utilize Pinterest within their marketing strategy.

Optimizing your Pinterest SEO with relevant keywords is essential to showing up in Pinterest search.

On-site SEO, great customer service, and consistency are contributing factors to success on Pinterest.

Additionally, on-site content is crucial for generating blog traffic to your website.

If you’re looking to increase your traffic and improve your ranking on this platform, schedule your content audit today on!

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