3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

If you want to optimize your Pinterest account, we have the information and tools for success. PinMyShop has all of our secrets on optimizing Pinterest business accounts,  so please visit us at: https://www.pinmyshop.com.

Pinterest is an amazing website that has the potential to generate a lot of traffic for your business.

One way to optimize your Pinterest account is by creating boards with popular keywords in their titles. Another way to optimize your Pinterest account is by adding relevant pins on other people's boards, and following them back. The third way you can do this is by pinning content from other sources onto your own board.

A quick checklist to optimize your Pinterest account

  1. Optimize your account name. Pinners search for “keywords” not business names or your name. Remember this as you are making changes to optimize your Pinterest account. Your Pinterest account name holds 65 characters – use the space for top keywords that describe what you do or sell.
  2. Review your boards. Remember, a business account pins FOR an ideal client. Everything on your Pinterest boards should focus on her. Make private any boards that you can easily determine are your personal boards or back-end business boards. Don’t delete! I heard in Clubhouse one day that “delete” is a bad word on Pinterest, and that stuck with me. Archive boards, hide them, but don’t delete them.
  3. Describe your boards. The title of Pinterest boards holds 50 valuable characters. Use that space to include search terms (aka keywords or long-tail keywords) that Pinners may use. Use additional terms in the description of each board and you can declare, “I have optimized my Pinterest for my business!”

Your Pinterest Account: Business Ready

The biggest difference about pinning for business vs. pinning for yourself is that for a business account, you are no longer pinning for yourself. You are pinning for your dream client – and Pinterest can help you create a holistic and complete view of this person.

If you put these tips into action, please let me know! If you have any questions, reach out! I have additional resources at my Pinterest Media Management Website, PinMyShop.com.

Good luck and happy marketing!

Crystal, The Pinterest Pundit


About the Author:

Crystal Waddell is a Pinterest expert and marketing strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. Crystal started her own company in 2013 and went full-time with it in 2021. Her mission is to help other online business owners grow their website traffic and revenue through Pinterest Marketing and strategic SEO. Each month Crystal hosts a hands-on workshop for business owners who want to learn to use Pinterest effectively for their businesses. For more tips on growing your business with Pinterest and SEO, check out www.pinshop.com or follow @pinshopify on instagram!


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