The Problem with Content: Finding a Strategy and Systems That Work

If you've been part of the e-commerce world for any length of time, you know that content is king. And when it comes to creating that content, most store owners are faced with the same question: what should I write about?

It can seem like an impossible task, especially when things get hectic in your day-to-day life. You've got orders to fulfill, products to source and customers to serve.

This blog post will discuss how to create a plan and systems that work for your business so you can spend less time stressing over what to write next!

How does one write about topics for their own business or website?  If you want to quickly find what your customers are searching for, look no further than Pinterest.

Pinterest allows you to create boards that have targeted categories so when people search for keywords related to those topics, they will see the content on your board!

For example: If someone was looking up "wedding hair accessories" I would put my findings onto a wedding-themed Pinterest board and then use keywords related to the product. Here's a few examples using the Pinterest Search toolbar:

  • wedding hair accessories
  • wedding hair accessories with veil
  • wedding hair accessories headpieces
  • wedding hair accessories half up
  • wedding hair accessories down hairstyles
  • wedding hair accessories for short hair
  • wedding hair accessories updo
  • wedding hair accessories vintage

There are many ways you can use keywords. This one simple keyword search gave me 8 different content ideas! You could have a blog post for each one. Or you could combine all of them into one blog post. The only wrong way to use them is not to use them at all!

The other thing that you can do is to consider what the major holiday or events are coming up. You may want to write a blog post with gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Mother’s day and so on. This will help you stay relevant while giving your readers what they need at any given time of year.

When it comes down to choosing which topics and keywords you should be using in your content marketing strategy, the Pinterest Trends Tool can really give you an edge over your competition by showing them exactly when people search for certain things online. The more data that we have available provides us with greater insight.

A good rule of thumb for content creation is to get your content out EARLY. For instance, gift ideas for Valentine's Day should be posted 2-3 months in advance of Valentine's Day. This gives pinners and SHOPPERS time to plan and purchase your solution.

I like to also break the content planning up into quarters. This simplifies the process and helps me focus on just a few weeks at a time. After I've completed the keyword research for the products and holidays that I want to rank for in Pinterest and Google searches, I can organize them into the appropriate quarters - considering the importance of planning 2-3 months ahead.

Keywords play an important role in SEO and help search engines find your site when people are looking for specific terms related to your industry or niche market that you serve well! You always want to make sure you are applying the strategies you use on platforms outside of your website (Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, Tik Tok, etc.) ON your website.

The key to excellent content creation is finding what works best for you through testing different strategies and systems until something fits naturally into how you work without being too burdensome or laborious.

Now that you know what to do, the last decision to make is how often you will post content on your site. Once a month at minimum is what I would recommend, but be realistic with your capacity to create. What are your thoughts?

Shoot me an email or respond below and let's chat about it!


Good luck and happy marketing!

Crystal, The Pinterest Pundit

Crystal Waddell is a Pinterest expert and marketing strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. Crystal started her own company in 2013 and went full-time with it in 2021. Her mission is to help other online business owners grow their website traffic and revenue through Pinterest Marketing and strategic SEO. Each month Crystal hosts a hands-on workshop for business owners who want to learn to use Pinterest effectively for their businesses. For more tips on growing your business with Pinterest and SEO, check out or follow @pinshopify on instagram!

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